Math Quiz: Unit 2

natural numbers
all positive integers; also called counting numbers
whole numbers
all positive integers and 0
positive, negative, and 0
rational numbers
any number that can be expressed as a fraction
real numbers
any number except for the root of a negative
Commutative of Addition or Multiplication
You can change order without changing answer
Associative of Addition or Multiplication
You can change grouping symbols without changing answer
Additive Identity
The sum of zero and any number is the number
Additive Identity
The sum of any number and its opposite is zero
Multiplicative Identity
You can multiply any number by 1 and get the number
Multiplicative of 0
a times 0=0
Multiplicative of -1
a times -1=-a
Multiplicative Inverse
When two reciprocals multiply, the product is zero
the parts of an expression separated by zero