77 terms

Pygmalion Vocab

Portico (9)
the overhang of a building
Gumption (9)
the audacity, the gall, the courage
Shoddy (11)
run down
Sixpence (11)
a coin worth less value, originally equal to six pennies.
Proximity (12)
nearness of any noun (object, feeling, etc.)
Sovereign (12)
a coin worth more in old England, one English pound.
Hubbub (13)
general noise and interference
Copper's nark (13)
a police officer of the old English days
Subsiding (15)
to settle down, to quiet.
Brooding (15)
to think with a dark expression
Melancholy (15)
a glum mood, an unhappy attitude.
Plainclothes copper (16)
a copper's nark spy, dressed in plain clothes (undercover).
Crooning (18)
to murmur to oneself, or to another.
Bilious (18)
peevish or cranky.
Kerbstone (18)
generally means the curbstone (end of the sidewalk), but in context means street-slang or colloquial English.
Incarnate (18)
the complete and utter, or 100%.
Mendacity (19)
the quality of lying or telling untruths.
Pharisaic (19)
going through the motions of religion but not believing, self-righteous.
Phonograph (23)
An instrument from the olden days, used to reproduce sounds and noises recorded on disks.
Laryngoscope (23)
An instrument used to examine the interior of a larynx.
Hearth (23)
The area in front of a fireplace, usually stone or concrete.
Robust (24)
Rotund or stout.
Impetuous (24)
vehemence or passion (not necessarily in a romantic way).
Petulance (24)
the quality of being peevish or of ill-mannered attitude.
Void (24)
empty or not filled.
Malice (24)
filled with hatred.
Pathos (25)
an aspect that invokes pity and sympathy in one.
Brusquely (25)
in a firm, abrupt manner.
Peremptorily (27)
imperiously, or dictatorially.
Deprecating (29)
disapprovingly, revoltingly.
Zephyr (30)
a small wind coming from a westward direction
Amiable (30)
friendly, or harmoniously.
Marquis (33)
a nobleman owning land, ranking below a duke.
Remonstrating (42)
politely asking or suggesting in the opposite school of thought
Unabashed (45)
not shy or guilty in the least
Deferentially (48)
showing or expressing respect due to superiority
Blandly (48)
devoid of emotion
Incensed (49)
to invoke a strong emotion in (to spite, perhaps)
Evasively (49)
eludingly, to avoid
Fortissimo (52)
musical notation used to express loud notes or pitches
Chintz (54)
a type of printed fabric, originating in India.
Estheticism (54) (also aestheticism)
the principles from which basic beauty values are derived from;
Cynical (58)
having the attitude of one who is distrustful of human tendencies or contemptuous;
Pedantic (59)
of being a male teacher, showing the use of knowledge; ostentatiously (showy) learned
Infatuated (59)
obsessively or overly in love, foolishly in love;
Divan (59)
a type of day bed, or a large couch without a headrest and armrests;
Extricating (59)
to free or detangle with difficulty;
Imprecations (59)
bad wishes, curses;
Diphtheria (60)
a contagious, febrile disease inflaming the heart and nervous system;
Compulsory (63)
Aggrieved (64)
troubled or distressed, showing signs of grief;
Genially (68)
friendly; to do with marriage;
Voluble (68)
rapid speech;
Somnambulist (71)
a sleepwalker;
Incorrigible (72)
incapable of being mistaken;
Pallor (73)
a lack of color, especially in the face.
Brooding (73)
in a state of depression or to dwell in a depression.
Circulars (74)
a flyer intended for mass distribution;
Gorging (75)
to stuff to the fullest capacity;
Wrath (76)
the fearsome rage of one, used as a noun;
Presumptuous (76)
overstepping one's boundaries, as in arrogantly or with gall; taking liberties.
Submission (77)
the act of submitting or humbling to a separate entity (of higher power);
Recollecting (77)
to remind of something forgotten;
Writhes (77)
to twist and distort, often used in context of pain;
Decisively (78)
in a manner that shows finality or a decision;
Dudgeon (80) hint* go to the 2nd definition
a state of indignation or anger;
Infamous (80)
the opposite of famous, known for a bad reputation;
Sumptuous (81)
in the magnificent extreme, lavish;
Resplendently (87)
shiningly brilliant
Accosts (87)
approaching in an anger manner
Vehement (87)
forcefully and angrily
Repudiate (89)
to reject something
Rogue (90)
dishonest person
Placidly (94)
Magnanimous (98)
suggesting a lofty and confident manner
Sneer (100)
speaking in a jeering manner
Impudent (104)
contemptuous, cocky boldness