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Counselor as a Person

Self awareness. Who I am as a person determines how I relate to my clients

Counselor as a Professional


Experiential Learning

basic component of many counseling programs, providing students with the opportunity to share their values, life experiences, and personal concerns in a peer group.


clients project onto the therapists pas feelins or attitudes they had toward significant people in their lives.


projections by therapists that distort the way they perceive and react to a client.

Countertransference: Ethical Implications

1. Being overprotective
2. Treating clients in benign ways
3. Rejecting a client
4. Needing constant reinforcement and approval
5. Seeing yourself in your clients
6. Developing sexual or romantic feelings
7. Giving advice
8. Developing a social relationship

Most Stressful Client Behaviors for Therapists (Deutsch)

1. Suicidal statements
2. Anger toward the therapist
3. Severely depressed clients
4. Apathy or lack of motivation
5. Client's premature termination

Most Stressful Client Behaviors for Therapists (Farber)

1. Suicidal statements
2. Aggression and hostility
3. Premature termination
4. Agitated anxiety
5. Apathy and drepression

Sources of Stress (for therapists)

1. Being unable to help distressed clients feel better
2. Seeing more than the usual number of clients
3. Not liking clients
4. Having self-doubts about the value of therapy
5. Having professional conflicts
with collegues
6. Feeling isolated from other professionals
7. Overidentifying with clients and failing to balance empathy with appropriate professional behavior
8. Being unable to leave client concerns behind
9. Feeling sexual attraction to a client
10. Not receiving expressions of gratitude from clients


presence of an illness or sever psychological depletion that is likely to prevent a professional from being able to deliver effective sevices and result in consistently functioning below acceptable practice standards.


seaching for positive life experience that lead to zest, peace, excitement, and happiness.

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