10 terms

AP English III / Falkner - Logical Fallacies

Hasty Generalization
Sweeping claim from inadequate evidence (ex. stereotyping, sexism)
Begging the Question (Circular Reasoning)
Proof by restatement of claim
False Cause
Two unrelated events in same time interval compared for causality
Two premises that cannot both be true at the same time
Red Herring
Ignoring the question / distracting the reader
Argument to the Person
Attacking the person rather than the argument
Jumping on the Bandwagon
Something being right because "everyone is doing it"
False or Irrelevant Authority
Citing the opinion of someone who has no relevant experience
Ignoring the counterargument and just listing one type of evidence
Taking Something Out of Context
Distorting an idea or fact by removing relevant surrounding material