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The Hebrew's religion


Moses' journey leading his people out of Egypt

Ten Commandments

a code of moral laws


scattering of the Jews outside of Canaan


Led his people to a new land and his descendants became a mighty nation


once an outlaw and was declared king after Saul died.


David's son who took the throne in 965 BC


the believe in only one god.


the most sacred text of Judaism


Jewish house of worship


people who are said to receive messages from God to be taught to others.


a set of commentaries, stories, and folklore produced between AD 200 and 600

Dead Sea Scrolls

writings by Jews who lived about 2,000 years ago.


rebellious group of Jews who didn't think that Jews should answer to anyone but God and refused to obey Roman officials.


religious teachers


a time for Jews to remember the Exodus

High Holy Days

the two most sacred of all Jewish Holidays - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

To Canaan and to a new religion

Where did Abraham and Moses lead the Hebrews?

The Hebrews agreed to worship only God, and also agreed to value human life, self-control, and justice.

How did the Ten Commandments shape the development of Hebrew society?

Her devotion to her mother-in-law served as a model to Hebrews for how to treat their family.

Why is Ruth significant in Hebrew history?

Hebrews believed that it proved that God loved and was protecting them.

Why was the Exodus a significant event in Hebrew History?

they added land, conquered enemies, and they ruled with the full support of tribal leaders.

How did David and Solomon strengthen the kingdom of Israel?

It caused the migration of Jews throughout the Mediterranean region.

How did the defeat by the Romans affect Jewish history?

The Yiddish language developed.

What language developed in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe?

The Exodus

What event does Passover celebrate?

Justice means kindness and fairness in dealing with other people. Righteousness refers to doing what is proper.

What is the Jewish view of justice and righteousness?

The Torah, the Hebrew bible and the Commentaries.

What are the main sacred texts of Judaism?

So they can learn about the Jews that lived between 100BC and 50 AD.

Why do historians study the Dead Sea Scrolls?

We still follow the Ten Commandments, many people don't work on Sunday to honor the sabbath, and we give to charity.

How are Hebrew teachings reflected in western society today?

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