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  1. Which history is more complex; the problem focused history or the expanded problem focused history?
  2. What does VLBW stand for?
  3. There is no distinction made between the new and established patients in this service department of a hospital
  4. An inventory of body systems obtained through questioning to identify signs and/or symptoms that the patient may be experiencing is a ____ of _____
  5. 4 types of medical decision making, in order of complexity from most to least complex
  1. a Emergency
  2. b Expanded problem focused
  3. c Review of systems
  4. d High, moderate, low, straightforward
  5. e Very low birth weight

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  1. Subjective
  2. Inpatient
  3. Counseling
  4. Contributory
  5. 4

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  1. Face to face encounter between the physician and patientOffice visit


  2. When care is provided for similar services to the same patient by more than one physician on the same day for different conditions, the care is ______Concurrent


  3. 1st outpatient visit is called the ______ visit, and the 2nd visit is called the _______ visit.Initial, subsequent


  4. Advice or opinion from one physician to another physicianOffice visit


  5. The examination that is limited to the affected body area is the _____BA


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