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  1. What does VLBW stand for?
  2. An inventory of body systems obtained through questioning to identify signs and/or symptoms that the patient may be experiencing is a ____ of _____
  3. Complexity of medical decision making is based on 3 _____
  4. Discussion with a patient and/or family concerning 1 or more of the following areas: diagnostic results, impressions, and/or recommended diagnostic studies, prognosis, risks and benefits of treatment is ______
  5. Time that is used as a guide for outpatient services is what kind of time?
  1. a Counseling
  2. b Very low birth weight
  3. c Elements
  4. d Review of systems
  5. e Face to face or direct

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  1. Established patient
  2. Consultation
  3. Emergency
  4. Problem focused, expanded problem focused, detailed, and comprehensive
  5. Inpatient

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  1. 5 types of presenting problems from the most risk and least recovery to least risk and most recoveryHigh, moderate, low, straightforward


  2. Term used to describe a patient who has been formally admitted to a hospitalInpatient


  3. How many types of histories are there?4


  4. Is examination of the back an organ system or body area examination?BA


  5. One who has not been formally admitted to a health care facilityInpatient