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  1. Discussion with a patient and/or family concerning 1 or more of the following areas: diagnostic results, impressions, and/or recommended diagnostic studies, prognosis, risks and benefits of treatment is ______
  2. Face to face encounter between the physician and patient
  3. When critically ill patients in medical emergencies require the constant attendance of the physician to stabilize them, what kind of care is needed?
  4. One who has not received services from the physician or another physician in the same group (and specialty) within the last 3 years
  5. Is examination of the back an organ system or body area examination?
  1. a BA
  2. b Office visit
  3. c Counseling
  4. d New Patient
  5. e Critical care

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  1. Established patient
  2. Review of systems
  3. Problem focused, expanded problem focused, detailed, and comprehensive
  4. Subjective
  5. No

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  1. What is the name for the assumption of the total or specific care of a patient from one physician to another that does no constitute a consultation?Transfer of care


  2. Inpatient time spent at the bedside or nursing station during or after the visit is what kind of time?Unit/floor


  3. Which history is more complex; the problem focused history or the expanded problem focused history?Expanded problem focused


  4. Attention to an acute illness or injury that results in hospitalizationBA


  5. The examination that is limited to the affected body area is the _____BA