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What is stress?

Reaction to a stimulus, can be positive or negative

What organ helps SEE options?


What organ helps us SORT out our options?


What organ helps us ACT out our options?


Great combo for helping sort out options & help move forward?

SI5 & GB40

What happens to the QI when there is anger?

Raises Qi
(headache, dizziness, red eyes, crying)

What happens to Qi with fear in kids?

Qi descends
(wet themselves)

Fear in adults?

Qi moves up and out
(fight or flight, getting you ready to react)
(stillness- no action in hopes that the stress will go away)

What does Joy do to QI?

Qi slows down
(when one feels time is moving to fast need to find something that brings happiness to slow things down)

Shock does to the QI?

Qi Scatters
(like a yang collapse: trauma, ptsd)

Worry does to the QI?

Knots the Qi (becomes unsmooth)

Sadness does to the QI?

dissolves & consumes the QI

When patient is stressed what should you do?

Palpate for physical manifestations of stress, esp. sub costal area

If a emotion is expressed what way do you treat it?

Use Yang ch of that emotion, outer UB & xi cleft combo

If a emotion is held in what way do you treat it?

Use Yin ch of that emotion, outer UB & xi cleft combo

What gets stressed in the body when the body gets stressed?

immune system

How to boost the immune system?

Wei Qi: Moxa UB12, ST36, LI10
Acquired Qi (LU,SP,ST): LU9, SP3 (source pt), SJ4, Ren6, Ren17 (big pt for QI)
Ancestral Qi: KI3 (source)

Calm the Mind (for stress, pts.)

HT 7, PC 6, Yin Tang, KI 1
LV 4, KI 3, KI 6 (buddhas triangle)

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