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Vince has always believed children deserve the best prenatal care available.


In what was is compliance different from conformity?

Compliance is a response to a direct request

Which factor significantly decreased the likelihood of conformity in Soloman Asch's studies?

one confederate gave a correct response

When members of a group give priority to the cohesiveness of the group over the facts of a situation, they are engaging in what social psychologists call


Which of the following is NOT an example of groupthink?

The Boston Red Sox

Behavior that is initiated or changed in response to a request as opposed to a command or direct order is an example of


What term is used to describe compliance with an initial small request followed by compliance with a larger request?

foot in the door effect

A person asks you if you would volunteer to counsel delinquent youths center for two years.


A consultant was telling newly hired salespeople about techniques they can use to increase sales

the norm of reciprocity

Which of the strategies for gaining compliance discussed by your textbook is least likely to influence an individual from a collectivist culture, such as Japan?

foot in the door technique

In the Stanley Milgram obedience experiment, the teachers were given a sample shock of _____ volts.


Some have suggested that the results of Milgram's obedience study may have been due to the _____ effect.

foot in the door

72nd hole of the US open

social impairment

A teacher decides against assigning group projects in which all group members get the same grade. What social psychological phenomenon might the teacher concerned about?

social loafing

Attitudes are ________


A attitude has _______ components.


Your attitudes are most likely to influence specific behaviors when the attitudes are:

very specific

Which of the following statements about persuasion is correct?

People who are perceived as honest are most persuasive

A local car insurance company advertises their products with tv commercials

peripheral route

A state of tension that occurs when a person's attitudes do not match the person's actions is called

cognitive dissonance

Which of the following would result in cognitive dissonance?

I believe smoking is bad for you, I love to smoke

Dr. Cirillo divided her first-period class into two groups.

The first period class would say the pages were interesting

Which term refers to a set of characteristics believed to be shared by all members of a particular group?


According to the research on implicit personality theory, who among the following is most likely to think that personality is a changeable thing?


Look officer, I didn't see the stop sign back there because the sun was in my eyes

The driver was making a situational attribution

Which statement is the best explanation of the fundamental attribution error?

We are more likely to attribute another's behavior to internal rather than to situational causes

Which of the following individuals is most likely to make the fundamental attribution error?


A bank loan officer thinks people who speak with an accent are lazy

prejudice, discrimination

There is currently a long history of fighting between the Israelis and Palestinian

realistic conflict

Which social psychology theory best explains the fact that the majority of the riots that took place following the trail of the police officers accused of beating Rodney King did not take place in white neighborhoods


The part of a person's self-concept that is based on his or her identification with a nation, culture, or ethnic group or with gender or other roles in society is called

social identity

The Robber's Cave experiment showed that

interdependence in solving crises together reduces us-them hostility

What term do psychologists use to describe our liking of other people?

interpersonal attraction

"I adore the girl next door." This phrase refers to what rule of attraction?


Which of the following illustrates the power of complementary traits?

A dominant woman marries a submissive man

Herbie and Irene have been married for almost 55 years.


What actual event could have been predicted based on the results of Zimbardo's classic prisoner study at Stanford University?

the events at Abu Gharib prison in Irag

The Kitty Genovese case depicts

the bystander effect

Which of the following individuals would be the LEAST likely to help?


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