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Rules of the Game

Story of a girl growing up in Chinatown who becomes a child national chess champion but eventually becomes annoyed with how her mother parades her around

Meimei/Waverly Place Jong

Little girl in San Franciscos Chinatown.
Lived in Waverly place in a two bedroom flat with her two brothers and her mom and dad.
Initial interest in chess is when her brothers are playing it after receiving a used board through the church for Christmas at age 7.
Eventaually gains chess playing ability just short of grand master level.
Is taught by her mother not to complain, to hold her tongue.
Finally has a confrontation with her mother while with her mother on her Saturday shopping trip.
Frustrated because her mother hovers over her and because her mother seems to be showing her off.

Meimei's mother

Mom of Meimei/Waverly, Vincent and Winston
Eventually becomes very proud of Meimei's chess abilities
May be guilty of showing Meimei off once she has gained notoriety as a chess player
Has habit of telling old Chinese sayings to Meimei
"strongest wind cannot be seen"


Brother of Meimei/Waverly.
Actually got the chess set first.
Wishes his sister would leave him alone
Eventually tires of playing chess, instead wants to play Hop Along Cassidy with his brother
Gets chores that used to be Meimei's when her chess playing becomes more import to their mother
Is happy when Meimei gets in trouble at the end of the story


Brother of Meimei
Plays chess with Vincent
Gets chores that used to be Meimei's when her chess playing becomes more import to their mother

Lau Po

Meimei's first chess mentor
Old man who hangs out near the playground at the end of her alley with other old timers
"little sister, been long time since I play with dolls"
Chess move=A Double Killing Without Blood

Meimei"s father

Is out to work early every day
Is supportive of Meimei's chess playing

Salted plumbs

Re enforcement for Meimei to keep silent and not speak

Strongest wind cannot be seen

References the silence rewarded by the salted plumbs,

The mother is

The "Strongest wind" that "cannot be seen"

Meimei's disobedience of her mother meant that her mother

Lost face and respect

Meimei's mother is the strongens wind cannot be seen which results in

Meimei thinking of flying in the air, floating away at the end of the story

Meimei's punishment for disobeying her mother

Door locked
Family "not concerned" for her
No dinner
Family ignores her once she comes in the apartment

Metaphor example

A double killing without blood is

Rules of the game is what literary device?

A metaphor

Rules of the game is a metaphor for

Going up against a more powerful apponnent

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