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July 03


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devise (v)/device(n)
think out , plan , design
classify (v)/classification
to group or label in an organized way
classical adj
a standard form of excellent music, art or culture
classic adj.
as a standard of excellence
interrupt v. /interruption
To stop while in progress
major adj. /ˈmeɪdʒər
The first and the foremost
foremost (adj.)
Then most important
homeland n.
the main land of a country
nation n/ national adj.
A country
international adj.
between countries
gesture (n)
a movement of the hand or head to express something
experiment (n)/experimental adj.
a scientific test that is done in order to prove something or get new knowledge
appeal to
to interest or attract someone
official language
the required language of instruction in schools, government business, courts, etc
overseas adv
abroad, in another country
fable (n)
A short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral
legend n.
mystery stories
identity n. /aɪˈdɛntɪti
Knowing who the person is
survive (v)
to remain alive
at the beginning or before any changes
attract (v)/attraction (n)
to make someone interesting
humorous adj. /´hju:mərəs
funny, make people laugh
lively (adj)
full of life and energy; active and outgoing.
obstacle (n)
something that prevents one from moving forward
despite, in spite of
even thought, even if
a set of objects; a group of things
compassion (n)
sympathy for another's suffering; pity
strong feeling/love for something
authentic adj.
Of origins and native
tame (adj)
usually refer to an gentle animal
bury v. /'beri
being under there earth
previous (adj)/ previously
coming before in time or order, earlier
journal n.
The diary that someone is writing
journalist (n)
someone whose job is to write for newspapers
suggest (v)/suggestion
to offer your idea on how to do something
ancient adj. /'einʃənt
in old times
suspect v.
to cast doubts, questions
researcher (n)
someone who studies something
discovery n. /dis'kʌvəri
new findings
press n.
The media, the newspaper, the TV
reduce (v)
to take down to a smaller form; to bring down
rise rose risen v.
something going up by itself
raise v.
To increase a number
numerous (adj)
many , several , Various
frequent (adj)
happening often
relationship n.
the bond between people
regular a.
happen at a fixed certain time
risk n.
the possible danger
opportunity n.
the chances to do something
publish (v)
to get a book printed and ready to sell