Cognition Quiz 2

An intermediate memory storage called ______ processes perceptual information transferred from ______.
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You are walking through the park, and you notice two people. You see that they are sitting together on a blanket of some kind. They also have a basket in front of them, and there is food inside it. There is a bottle of juice next to each person, and they appear to be laughing and enjoying the mild weather that you then notice. Combining all of these observations to surmise that this couple is having a picnic on a beautiful day in the park best illustrates ______.
According to the cocktail party effect, you are most likely to hear ______ amid several noisy conversations.your nameJenna and Ellis give each other practice quizzes between studying and taking their exam. They are trying to take advantage of the ______ effect.testingVisual sensory memories last for approximately secondIn Stroop's study (1935) on automatic processing in attention, he found that participants took less time to name colors when the word and color were ______, and more time when they were ______.the same; differentOur attention has been said to involve a ______ that filters out everything except the information we are attending to.bottleneckRemembering your fifth birthday party is an example of ______.episodic memoryTreisman's modified filter model of attention suggests that some information passes through, but only after it has been ranked in terms of ______.importanceIn a study, participants had to complete two tasks at once or separately. It was found that when they performed both tasks at the same time, they did not perform as well as when they performed the tasks separately. This experiment employed the ______.dual-task methodThe capacity of short-term memory is plus or minus two bits of informationYour memory for cognitive psychology terms is an example of ______ memory.semanticOne reason that spacing out your studying is best is that you ______.are increasing the number of retrieval cuesOld information interfering with the storage or retrieval of new information is to ______ as new information interfering with the storage of retrieval of old information is to ______.proactive interference; retroactive interferenceRemembering how to drive a car is an example of ______ memory.proceduralA neural process by which memories are strengthened and more permanently stored in the brain is ______.encodingJodie insists on getting to class two hours before an exam so she has plenty of time to review her notes in the same classroom where she learned the information and will be taking the exam. She must believe in ______.environmental context effects