Rock n' Roll '50-'60

University o Florida MMC 1702 Exam 2 Study Guide
Chuck Berry
a. Singer, songwriter first great creative artist of rock n' roll.
b. No manger
c. Collaborated w/ Willie Dixon and Leonard Chess
d. Success came from singles
e. Greatly influenced the Beatles
f. He was one of the first independent successful African-American entertainers that white kids deeply admires causing some persecution
g. convicted in 1959 for violating Mann Act, Berry did four years in prison
h. "Grand Old Man" of Rock n' roll
Johnnie Johnson
a. Chuck Berry's longtime piano player/contributor.
b. 2001 inductee
Bo Diddley
a. Founding Father
b. Recorded in Chicago @ Chess, self-produced via Leonard Chess
c. Wrote all his own songs
d. Used guitar as percussion instruments
The Bo Diddley Beat
By Bo Diddley was his signature used in music consistently
Little Richard
a. Founding Father
b. Epitomized the abandon celebrated in rock lyrics and music and Challenged the boundaries between sex and music
c. Set the standard for wildness
d. "Architect of Rock n' Roll"
e. Signature= high WOOOO!
f. Thwarted by Paul Boone
Bumps Blackwell
songwriter, arranger and producer of Little Richards early hits "Long Tall Sally" at Specialty Records
Marion Williams
gospel singer
Dorothy LaBostrie
cleaned up the lyrics of Little Richards "Tutti Fruitti"
Fats Domino
- Founding Father
a. Sold more records than everyone but Elvis in the '50s
Dave Bartholomew
Fats' partner/collaborator/producer
Cosimo Matassa
- owned J&M studios in New Orleans
a. Worked with Fat Domino, Little Richard, Dave Bartholomew, Allen Toussaint in the 50s-60s
Pat Boone
covered/stole many of Little Richards hit songs thwarting his progression
The Girl Can't Help It
1956 rock n' roll film with MANY great performances
Carl Perkins
- Sun Records '54
a. Rockabilly #1
b. Toured with Elvis and Johnny Cash
c. HUGE influence on The Beatles
d. "Blue Suede Shoes" -#1 Country, Pop and R&B, first Sun Record to sell 1 million
Jerry Lee Lewis
White rockabilly singer and pianist
Roy Orbison
Sun Records Rockabilly
a. Tragic figure
b. Blossomed when he left Sun
c. Late career resurgence '80s
d. "Mystery Girl" and "King of Hearts" Album
e. '87 inductee
Johnny Cash
- Sun Records Rockabilly
a. Left in '63 for Columbia have huge hits
b. Revitalized career in '67 w/ "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison" #1
c. Pushed the boundaries and embodied the flaws and contradictory characteristics of America
d. Concept albumist
Million Dollar Quartet
Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins '56
Rosco Gordon
- Sun Records Rockabilly who influenced ska music
Bill Justice
Sun Records Rockabilly
a. his song played when played by George Harrison got him into The Beatles
Traveling Wilburys
- 80s band feat. Roy Orbison, Petty, Dylan, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison
a. "Handle With Care" hit single
Charlie Rich
- Sun Records rockabilly singer/pianist. BIG country star
Buddy Holly
started out doin country but Elvis convinced him to switch to rock n' roll
a. Crazy catalog because he belonged to two labels
b. Died the day music died - Feb. 3, 1959
c. In the Cricketts
d. Recorded in Clovis, New Mexico
The Crickets
Buddy Holly's Rockabilly Band
a. From Lubbock, Texas
b. Recorded in Clovis, New Mexico
c. "That'll be the Day"=first hit
Ritchie Valens
Died that day music died- Feb. 3, 1959
a. "La Bamba" and "Donna" were hit songs
b. From California
J.P. (Jape) Richardson
The Big Bopper
The Big Bopper
- Died that day music died- Feb. 3, 1959
a. "Chantilly Lace" novelty hit
Gene Vincent
- in the accident the day that music died but lived
a. Continues to perform today
b. "Be-Bop -A-Lula" from the girl can't help it
Norman Petty
- Owned the sudio in Clovis, New Mexico that the Crickets w/ Buddy Holly
Waylon Jennings
• Almost died in 1959 plane crash that killed Buddy Holly
Don McLean
Wrote and sang "American Pie" about the day music died and American culture 10 years after the accident
Paul McCartney
covered songs by all Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran
Eddie Cochran
- Died that day music died- Feb. 3, 1959
a. Rockabilly
b. In the girl can't help it w/ "Twenty Flight Rock"
i. Important in The Beatles history becasue Paul knew all the words and impressed John causing him to invite Paul into his group
Northern Band Rock 'N' Roll
a. Bill Haley and His Comets (Michigan)
New Orleans Dance Blues
Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint
Memphis Rockabilly
- most authentic marriage between country and R&B
a. Emerged from Sun Records (Elvis, Cash, Orbison, )
i. The Maddox Brothers
ii. Dale Hawkins
iii. Ronnie Hawkins
iv. Link Wray - "Rumble"
v. The Everly Brothers- poet laureates of love for their era
Bill Haley & His Comets
i. Started out career as a country artist but gained success as a genuine R&B cover artist
1. "Shake, Rattle and Roll"- first gold hit
2. "Rock Around the Clock"- cross media hit, topped pop charts for 8 weeks and sold 1 million records in Great Britain
Blackboard Jungle
Movie cemented a link between teenage rebellion and rock n' roll
a. Feat. "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets
The Wild One
Brando & Lee Marvin as rival motorcycle gang leaders
a. First outlaw biker movie. Popularized leather jackets, sunglasses, jeans, and motorcycles
b. HUGE influence on pop culture
Rebel Without A Cause
James Dean
a. Confused, misunderstood, alienated teenager inspired by Brando
b. Influenced Elvis, Dylan, Eagles,
Marlon Brando
Starred in The Wild One
James Dean
Starred in Rebel Without a Cause
Johnny Burnette
Memphis Rockabilly
a. Successful solo career and songwriter w/ Rick Nelson
b. "You're Sixteen" - hit for Ringo Staar
c. "Train Kept a Rollin'"
Sid King & The Five Strings
Memphis Rockabilly
a. One of the first white rock bands to record for a major label(Columbia in '55)
The Collins Kids
- Memphis Rockabilly
Wanda Jackson
- Memphis Rockabilly Queen
a. Aspiring country star until Elvis convinced her to switch
b. 2009 inductee
Johnny Horton
Memphis Rockabilly
a. "Honky Tonk Man"
Dale Hawkins
- Memphis Rockabilly
a. "Susie Q"
b. Tons of covers
Ronnie Hawkins
- Memphis Rockabilly
a. "Forty Days"
b. backup band was The Hawks who later became Bob Dylan's band for tour and Woodstock later became The Band*
Ersel Hickey
- Memphis Rockabilly
a. "Bluebirds Over the Mountain"
i. Later recorded by Ritchie Valens and was a top 100 hit
Link Wray
Memphis Rockabilly
a. "Rumble" first instrumental song to be banned from radio airplay
Teen Idols
- came about with the popular movies of the time
a. James Dean, Marlon Brando
The Platters
Vocal Group Rock
a. black doo-wop vocal group hat adapted "standard" Tin Pan Alley songs to R&B style
b. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" ('59)
The Coasters
- Vocal Group Rock w/ R&B
a. Songs written/produced by Leiber and Stoller
b. Evolved into a doo-wop group
c. "Searchin" - first #1 hit - and "Young Blood"
d. "Yakkety Yak" and "Charlie Brown"
The Drifters
- Vocal Group Rock
a. doo-wop/R&B vocal group
b. originall formed by Clyde McPhatter of Billy Ward & the Dominoes
c. constant line-up changes
Ben E. King
Vocal Group Rock
a. lead singer for The Drifters
b. "Save the Last Dance for ME" and "There Goes My Baby"
Billy Ward & The Dominoes
Vocal Group Rock
a. Began the career or Clyde McPhatter ( The Drifters)
- Vocal Group Rock
a. Style based in R&B - smooth consonant harmonies
b. Went mainstream in the 50s/60s
The Chords
Vocal Group Rock
a. Doo-wop group
b. "Sh-Boom" was their one hit
i. Topped R&B and pop charts
ii. Introduced whit audience to black R&B for the first time '54
The Crew Cuts
Vocal Group Rock
a. Covered The Chords "Sh-Boom" and added syllables
b. Canadian doo-wop group
Sonny Til & The Orioles
- Vocal Group Rock
a. One of the earliest bands that established the basic pattern of doo-wop sound
b. Considered first R&B vocal group
Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
- Vocal Group Rock
a. Doo-wop group
b. One of rocks earliest successes because of Alan Freed
c. "Wnhy Do Fools Fall in Love" was their first and biggest hit
d. Racially mixed
Clyde McPhatter
Vocal Group Rock
a. original lead singer for The Drifters
Buck Ram
a. songwriter that created The Platters/The Coasters sound
Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
- Memphis Rockabilly songwriters
a. Worked with The Everly Brothers
b. Wrote a string of #1 pop hits
The Everly Brothers
a. Appalachian family
b. "Bye-Bye Love" "Wake Up, Little Susie" "Bird Dog"
c. Worked with songwriters Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
d. Poet laureates of love - "All I Have to do is Dream: #1
Jerry Leiber
lyricist who worked with Mike Stoller
a. Wrote crossover hit songs like "Hound Dog" "Yakety Yak" and "Jailhouse Rock" for Big Mama Thorton/Elvis, The Coasters, and Elvis
Mike Stoller
- composer who worked with Jerry Leiber
a. Wrote crossover hit songs like "Hound Dog" "Yakety Yak" and "Jailhouse Rock" for Big Mama Thorton/Elvis, The Coasters, and Elvis