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Language impairment; loss of ability to speak (expressive); comprehend (receptive) or both (global)


Specific list of duties; tells you which patients will care for during your shift and the specific procedures to be performed

Body Language

Use of facial expressions, body positions, and vocal inflections to convey a message


Method of communication used by persons with visual impairments who use fingertips to feel a series of raised dots representing letters and numbers

Care Plan

Nursing plan for care of a resident in a long term care facility


Exchange of messages


Loss of recognition of time, place or people


Relating to customs, languages, and traditions of specific groups of people


Confirmation that a message was recieved as intended


Essential communication that must occur when patient care is transferred from one worker or department to another worker or department


A communication professional who mediates between speakers of different languages

Medical chart

Patient record containing all information about the patient


Brief, written communication to relay information

Nonverbal communication

Communication transmitted without spoken words, such as by facial expression and body language

Organizational chart

Guide for communication; spells out lines of authority


Providing communication feedback by restating one's understanding of what was said


Person for whom a communication is intended


The person who originates a communication

Shift report

Information about patients passed from outgoing shift to oncoming shift

Sign language

Communication for persons who hearing impairment; uses gestures and signs made with fingers and hands

Staff development

Process used to educate staff in health care facilities


Signs, pictures or other characters used to communicate

Verbal communication

Transmitting messages using words

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