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belief in more than one god


a system of exchanging goods between people


Civilization in northern Mesopotamia that had a strong army, in 900 BC controlled all of Fertile Crescent


belief in only one god


area where goods are bought, sold, and traded


a group from the Syrian Desert led by King Nebuchadnezzar and who rebuilt city of Babylon (hanging gardens)


sea-trading civilization located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and created world's first alphabet


a political unit consisting of a city and the surrounding farm land


an agreement to work together


a piece of land mostly surrounded by water


a piece of land completely surrounded by water


a picture symbol

oral history

a spoken record of the past

Hammurabi's Code

first written code of law with 282 laws written by by the leader of the Babylonian civlization


printed works create by the skill and imagination of a people

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