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In the view of the authors, entrance into a family can occur:

through birth, adoption, or other committed relationships

A family's influence over its members is likely to cease upon:

none of these

As the result of differing socialization experiences, men and women typically:

all families have resources to call upon

Which of the following statments is true?

all families have resources to call upon

Clinical theories that focus on the individual probably emphasize:

intrapsychic events

An ecosystemic approach to family assessment and tretment focuses on:

the larger systems in which the family is embedded

Adpopting a family psychology framework permits one to:

focus on the context in which individual behavior is but one part

Dyads and triads refer to:

two or three personal relationships

Epistemology refers to:

rules for gaining knowledge and drawing conclusions about the world

According to the text, the major credit for applying cybernetic principles to human communication belongs to:


When family therpists refer to first-order cybernetics, they are attending to:

patterns of structure and feedback control that govern systems

Reciprocal determinism refers to:

adopting a relationship outlook

If content is the language of linear causality, then _____________is the language of circular causality.


The "identified patient" is the person in the family who:

all of these

Minuchin, a structuralist, views symptomatic behavior in a family member as arising from:

dysfunctional family transactions

White views the symptoms of an identified patient as rooted in:

family constructions

The family therpaist who joins a family and engages in a dialogue rather than observing from the outside is probably an advocate of:

second-order cybernetics

The observer is an integral part of the family system rather than an outside observer, according to:


A family's social class membership is likely to influence:

all of these

Family therapiss with a transgenerational view:

attend to a family's intergenerational issues

Family stage markers are events in a family's life that:

demand a new adaptation

From a family life cycle perspective, psychiatric symptoms in a family member represent:

a signal that the family is having problems mastering the tasks at that state in the cycle

Early developmental schemes typically described:

intact middle class American families

Which group of family therapists is most apt to study family transitions?


Which of the following constitutes a horizontal stressor?

birth of a handicapped child

A common impact of migration on families is:

all of these

Combrinck-Graham suggests that family development frequently alternates between

centripetal and centrifugal periods

A young adult's primary developmental task is:

separating from one's parents without cutting off from them

The term "suprasystem" refers to:

husband, wife, children, and extended family members

Families with an adolescent frequently must deal with:

all of these

What Carter and McGoldrick refer to as "launching children and moving on" is called what by Gerson?


Most heads of one-parent households:

eventually remarry

The number of children living in one-parent households:

tripled between 1960 and 1994

Lesbian parents:

all of these

Which of the following is considered a gender issue?

all of these

Gender differences in perception and behavior result from:

both biological and cultural factors

The role that her relationships with others play in a woman's life is emphasized by:


The Women's Project in Family Therapy:

all of these

Feminist-informed therapists are especially critical of:

the view that feeling is less mature than thinking

Feminists are critical of the cybernetic concept of circular causality in male-female relationships because of the implication of:

equal power and control

Today, working wives:

all of these

Gender-sensitive family therapy:

is built upon feminist family therapy

Homophobia is often a characteristic of:

the "masculine mystique"

One goal of gender-sensitive family therapy is to:

enable clients to move beyond prescribed sex roles

Cultural specificity refers to:

detailed knowldge regarding unfamiliar groups

Understanding the male/female interactive patterns among Turkish American families:


Idiosyncratic family pattern refers to:

a pattern unique to a specific family

Ethnicity and cultural tradition:

affect how we think, feel, express anxieties, etc.

The renewed interest in ethnicity is intended to:

all of these

Children living with unmarried mothers are:

probably poor

Aponte contends that power is largely determined by:

class membership

Which of the following statements is true?

family therapists are likely to be middle class in viewpoint

A systems perspective:

stresses wholeness or unity

Feminists challenge the systems metaphor because it:

ignores gender and power issues

Families interact in repetitive behavioral sequences. This is known as:

the redundancy principle

Metarules are:

unstated family directives

A family's metarules refers to:

rules about the rules

Homeostasis refers to:

the inclination of a system to maintain a dynamic equilibrium around a central tendency

In families labeled as pathogenic, demands by an adolescent for a rule change would likely be met with:

increased rigidity regarding the retention of rules

Advocates of a new epistemology view the therapist's role as:

searching for new levels of balance

"Attenuated feedback loops" is suggested in the text as a better term for:

negative feedback

Which of the following statements is true?

negative feedback is corrective, adjusting the input and returning the system to a steady state

Anthropologist Bateson has defined _____________as "a difference that makes a difference."


According to the text, which subsystem is basic in a family?


The elements of a system are delineated by its:


Closed systems tend to become disorganized and into disorder. This is known as:


Families that live in relative isolation, communicating primarily among themselves, are apt to become:

relatively closed systems

The consultant who takes the interaction of two systems into account is using which approach?


The family therapist who acts as a systems consultant:

all of these

Most authorities consider the family therapy movement to have gotten underway:

shortly after World War II

A schizophrenogenic mother is one who:

is possessive and guilt-producing

The study of paradoxes of communication in animals as well as humans is associated with the name of:


A double-bind situation calls for:

all of these

In a marital schism situation, each partner:

undermines the other

Bowen studied families with schizophrenic members, especially their:

symbiotic mother/child interactions

Pseudomutuality refers to:

the appearance of an open relationship without really having one

Which of the following is not considered a founder of marriage counseling?

Nathan Ackerman

Alfred Adler is generally credited with founding:

the child guidance movement

Family therapy gained its initial legitimacy during the 1950's by:

emphasizing research over treatment

The authors consider all but one of the following to be the major founders of family therapy:


The first journal devoted exclusively to family therapy, and edited by Jay Haley, appeared in 1962, which was named:

Family Process

When Beels and Ferber classified the leading family therapist in 1969, they distinguished two types, conductors and _____________.


The largest organization of family therapists is the:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

The underlying patterns of family life was said by the new epistemologists to be best captured by the:

aesthetic approach

According to the text, there is a developing trend toward:

integration of approaches

When organisms are said to be structure determined, it means:

they are limited by the repertoire of their structure

The Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic is especially known for their work with:

psychosomatic families

A ___________ law regulates who may practice in a state.


Mandating that certain courses be taken before license renewal is called:

continuing education

Freedom of choice laws:

allow consumers to choose between licensed practitioners

Peer consultation groups typically involve:

independent private practice

Managed care plans require:

preauthorization before therapy

In a typical managed care arrangement:

therapists must submit written treatment plans

The probability of a psychologist being sued in court is:

less than one in 100

Which of the following is a true statement?

Practitioners are expected to be informed and act in good faith

Clients need to be told of the possible risks before commencing treatment. This is an example of:

informed consent

One way to avoid successful malpractice suits is to:

all of these

Defrauding insurance carriers is likely to be met with a/an ____________ level sanction by the APA.


The AAMFT Code of Ethics covers all but one of the following. Which one is not covered?


"Family therapy may be hazardous to your health." This statement points to the fact that

what most benefits the family as a whole may not be best for each member

In the case of detected child abuse, the therapist should:

report it immediately to the police or child welfare agency

A legal exception to confidentiality maintenance occurs in the case of:

divulging information to third party payors

Informed consent before commencing therapy might include:

all of these

Ethical questions in regard to strategic therapies have focused on the use of:

paradoxical techniques

Which integrative theory has emerged as dominant in the field of family therapy?

none of these

Which integrative theory has emerged as dominant in the field of family therapy?

confirms predictions

Sullivan emphasized all but one of the following as emerging from early mother-child relationships. Which one does not belong?

real me

Which one of the following models of family interaction is based largely on the psychoanalytic model?


Object relations therapy is a:

form of psychodynamic therapy developed in Britain

Ackerman used the term __________ to describe several disabilities within a family which depend on each other for expression or control.

interlocking pathology

By "tickling the defenses" Ackerman meant:

catching members off guard and exposing their self-justifying rationalization

Object relations theory evolved from the study of:

early mother-infant relationships

Which of the following would not be considered to be a part of the British Middle School:


When a child internalizes the image of his mother into a good object and a bad object, he is engaging in:


Troubled marriages are said by object relations theorists to be contaminated by pathogenic introjects. These refer to:

imprinted memories

Framo's outlook on family functioning is based on which theory?

object relations theory

Framo utilizes all but one of the following in this family therapy:

individual sessions with each spouse separately

The family therapy approach that comes closest to classical psychoanalytic theory is that offered by:


Object Relations Family Therapy emphasizes the basic human need for:


A holding environment refers to:

being raised in a caring and nurturing home

In Kohut's system, self objects refer to:

viewing parents as extensions of oneself

Common terms used by experiential therapists include all but one of the following. Which term does not fit with the others?


All but one of the following can be considered to adhere to an experiential model. Which one does not belong?


Experiential therapists are especially critical of:


In Whitaker's view of psychotherapy, both therapist and client(s):


Whitaker conceptualizes schizophrenia as:

an intrapsychic and interpersonal dilemma

The fundamental curative factors in psychotherapy, according to Whitaker, are:


In Whitaker's therapeutic approach, it is essential that the therapist win the battle for:


The therapist's role in Gestalt Family therapy is to help clients:

become aware of what they do to block achieving what they want

In exchange with the silent husband described in the text, Kempler was:

challenging and assertive

Humanistically-oriented therapists view dysfunctional behavior as:

a deficit in growth

Satir called her approach:

the human validation process

The primary survival triad, according to Satir, refers to:

father, mother, child

In Satir's classification of communication stances, blamers are considered to be struggling with feelings of:


The Family Life Chronology is essentially:

a review of key events throughout the family's life cycle to date

Satir's _________ style with families has been studied by Bandler, Grinder, and Satir.


The number of followers of Satir's methods:

has dwindled since her death

Emotionally-focused therapeutic efforts are:

an outgrowth of humanistic therapies

Emotionally-focused Couple Therapy is:

all of these

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