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The most formal and professional style of letter format is:
full block
The standard business envelope is a:
no. 10
The punctuation mark following the salutation of a professional business letter is a:
The standard margin used for a business letter is:
1 inch
The component of a letter that indicates the purpose of the correspondence is the:
subject line
Which of the following is true regarding the date on a business letter?
The date is placed two lines below the letterhead
Certified Mail is also considered or classified as:
First-Class Mail
The mail classification used to send most medical office mail is:
First-Class Mail
The style of letter in which all the lines begin at the left margin except the subject and complimentary closing is:
modified block
The proper style of writing the date in a professional letter is:
January 1, 2010
How many lines below the salutation should the body of the letter start?
An example of a properly keyed signature is:
James Jones, M.D.
The classification of mail that guarantees delivery the following day is:
Express Mail
At the bottom of a professional letter, the reference initials represent:
the individual signing the letter, in uppercase
The abbreviation "cc:" or "Cc:," when used at the end of a professional letter, means:
the letter was sent to another person
When mail arrives at the office, the first step in processing the mail is to:
date stamp each item of mail
The process of converting the dictated word of the health care provider to a word-processed form is:
The style of letter in which the first sentence of each paragraph is indented five spaces is:
When a professional letter requires more than one page, the pages following the first page:
are the same paper as the first page with no
letterhead printing
The inside address of a professional letter is the:
recipient's address written without abbreviations
If there are materials included in the envelope with the letter, this should be noted:
two lines below the reference initials
The classification of mail used for at least 200 pieces of promotional information is:
Standard Mail
A postage meter is a:
machine that prints postage onto mail pieces
or onto an approved label
The keyed signature is typed:
four lines below the complimentary closing
The letterhead on stationery should include the following EXCEPT the:
physician's home telephone number