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CMA Review Emergency Preparedness


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The type of shock caused by severe allergic reaction is:
The type of soft tissue injury that is a closed wound occurring from blunt trauma to the body is a(n):
The type of fracture that is common in children and is a partial or incomplete break in the bone is:
To control bleeding or hemorrhage, you should initially:
apply direct pressure
The ABCs of CPR include management of:
The medical term used to describe a victim who has fainted is:
A stroke is also known as:
Another term for a heart attack is:
myocardia linfarction
The treatment of third-degree burns includes:
covering the victim and notifying EMS
Treatment of a victim experiencing convulsions includes the following EXCEPT:
placing an airway in the mouth
In some cases of poisoning, it is necessary to induce vomiting. The agent used is:
The type of shock caused from bacterial infection is:
A victim experiencing a body temperature below 95F is:
Which of the following is a sign or symptom of shock?
Pale skin
Characteristics of a first-degree burn include:
reddened skin
The type of soft tissue injury that causes a jagged wound that bleeds is a(n):
Diabetic coma is caused by:
lack of insulin
To control bleeding from a laceration of the palm of the hand, direct pressure should be placed over the:
radial artery
To transport a victim with a compound fracture, it is important to:
apply a splint to the limb with out re positioning
the limb.
When applying a triangular sling to support an injured arm, it is important to do all the following EXCEPT:
position the hand lower than the level of the
heart to avoid accumulation of fluid in the extremity
First aid treatment for a puncture wound with a fixed penetrating object includes the following EXCEPT:
removing the object if it is still imbedded in the
The type of wound that results from scraping off layer(s) of skin is a(n):
The emergency treatment for a conscious patient with hypoglycemia is to:
give the patient some form of sugar by mouth
after you have notified and received instructions
from the physician or EMS
Which of the following is a fracture of the radius bone at the wrist?
It is necessary to perform the Heimlich maneuver if:
the victim is conscious but cannot speak or
The acronym PASS for using a fire extinguisher means:
Fire extinguishers should be serviced:
Exposure control plan guidelines are recommended by:
An element of evacuation of a facility is to:
evacuate those closest to danger first
An exposure control plan would include:
recommended immunizations