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CMA Review Practice Management


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The model that shows the chain of command is called the:
organizational chart
The hiring and firing role of the practice manager comes under the category of:
human resources
If a medical practice has a health and safety violation, the organization involved would be:
The topics discussed at a staff meeting are reported in the:
Management of the physical plant involves:
leasing the facility
The topics to be discussed at a staff meeting are included in the:
Through which of the following is the manager most likely to discover a problem?
Risk management
The office manager role includes all of the following EXCEPT:
documenting in the medical record
The schedule of travel and events is called the:
The physical plant must comply with:
If a manager does not include others in the decision making or how the decision should be implemented, this management style is referred to as:
Training conducted in the workplace is referred to as
All of the following are common methods used by the practice manager to communicate with staff EXCEPT:
certified letters
When dealing with supplies, the role of the practice manager would most likely be to:
assure they were ordered
A job description usually contains all of the following elements EXCEPT:
name of the supervisor
The major purpose for monitoring a budget is to:
assure the revenue is meeting the expenses
An example of a typical job requirement to work in a medical office is:
ability to lift 25lbs
A question that you would not ask during an interview would be whether the applicant:
has a religious affiliation
When an employee entered incorrect information into a medical record that resulted in an incorrect payment, the manager would most likely:
provide a verbal warning
When an employee is under a performance improvement plan, the manager will probably meet with the employee:
on a predetermined schedule
When dealing with HIPAA compliance, the manager would most likely use what type of management style?
A role of the practice manager related to service vendors is to:
negotiate contracts for their services
If an incident occurs in the medical office that results in a legal action, the manager is expected to:
maintain records of the occurrence
When preparing the budget, the office manager would include all the following EXCEPT:
rumored increases in Medicare payments
A function of managing the physical facility may be to:
contract for landscaping maintenance