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Are there any scanners in the library?
Information/Directional, level 1
What are Sunday hours at the library?
Informational/Directional, level 1
I cannot get the printer to print single-sided. Can you help?
Technical, level 2
Where can I go to check out something that can hold up my phone like a phone stand?
Informational/Directional, level 2
Do you have this book?
Informational/Directional, level 2
Help! I am locked out of my account!
Technical, level 3
I am looking for these articles and book. I found them, but I cannot access them.
Reference, level 4
Can you help me find some sources on the Battle of Gettysburg?
Reference, level 4
I am trying to find this article, and the website says that Berry has access to it, but I cannot access the paper.
Reference, level 4
I'm looking for writings of Constantine during his life.
Reference, level 4
I need to find some information on LASIK for a speech that I need to give. Where can I find some sources?
Reference, level 5
How do I add a printer?
Technical, level 3