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Lesson A - Session 1. Phrasal verbs


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I can't stand him. He brings out the worst in me.
I remember my friends made me feel like a superhero when they cheered me up in my football matches.
Sofia is one of those great friends you come by only once in a while.
Come along with me, Nancy! I'll show you my new toy.
We were very close friends but after a fight we drifted apart and now I barely talk to her.
Ethan is my best friend. I couldn't do without him.
Hang on to those friends who let you grow independently from them, yet side-by-side.
Alicia and Marie are the only ones I can open up to. They always listen to me.
People who put you down can never be called friends.
It was good to run into my old friend. I hadn't seen him in years.
My friends will stand up for me in any situation. I count on them.
Emma turned her friend down when he needed his help.