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A/An ____________________ is a massive, long-lasting accumulation of compacted snow and ice that forms on land.


The place where glacial flow cannot keep pace with melting is called the ____________________.


____________________ is sediment that was deposited directly by a glacier.


The Matterhorn is an example of a glacial ____________________.


The most recent ice age occurred during the ____________________ Epoch.


A glacier that forms in mountainous terrain is a/an ____ glacier.


The ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica contain ____ percent of the world's ice.

10 to 100 meters

A glacier can move as fast as ____ per day.

zone of ablation

The lower elevation portion of a glacier where less snow is added in winter than melts in summer is called the ____.


The lower end of a glacier is called the ____.


Glaciers erode ____-shaped valleys.

Stratified drift

____ is sediment that was first transported by a glacier and then transported and deposited by a stream.

snow survives through one summer.

Rounded ice grains, called firn, form if:

near mountain tops (at high elevations) on all continents.

Alpine glaciers occur:

in polar regions.

Continental glaciers occur:


Valleys that have been carved by glaciers and have became submerged by rising sea level are called:

hanging valley.

A smaller glacial valley that meets the main valley with a large vertical offset is called a:

the Earth's orbital parameters (eccentricity, tilt, precession).

Cycles identified by Milutin Milankovitch are caused by changes in:

dropped by about 130 m

During the last glaciation, sea level:


Glaciers are now shrinking in more places and at more rapid rates than at any time since scientists began keeping records.

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