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When collecting blood from a capillary stick, you should always____________.
wipe away the first drop of blood
What are the three primary veins used for venipuncture?
basilic, cephalic and median cubital
How long can a tourniquet be left on?
1 minute
Where should a tourniquet be placed for venipuncture?
3 to 4 inches above the draw site
When cleansing a site for venipuncture, you should wipe at the intended draw site and______________
move in a circular motion from the center to the periphery
What additive is in a lavender top tube?
What additive is in a plain red tube?
What additive is in a gray top tube?
sodium fluoride
What additive is in a light blue top tube?
sodium citrate
What additive is in a sterile yellow tube?
In what color tube is a blood culture drawn?
In what color tube is an ESR drawn?
What does ESR stand for?
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
In what color tube is a CBC drawn?
In what color tube are coagulation tests drawn?
light blue
In what color tube is an FBS drawn?
What does FBS stand for?
fasting blood sugar
If you need a red top tube and a light blue top tube, which tube is drawn first?
light blue
What is the abbreviation for as needed?
What does the abbreviation QNS stand for?
quantity not sufficient
A blood lancet is used for the collection of a small amount of blood by_________.
skin puncture
What is the most important step before beginning a venipuncture (after washing your hands)?
identify the patient
What lab equipment or instrument separates the liquid and solid portion of blood?
What does an elevated sedimentation rate mean?
Inflammatory disorder
Hct is the abbreviation for _____________.
What does a hematocrit show?
The percentage of RBCs in the blood
What is hemoglobin?
An iron-containing protein on the erythrocyte that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide
Hgb is the abbreviation for ___________
True are false? Hemoglobin and hematocrit values are higher in females than males.
When should you use a butterfly needle to collect blood?
Butterfly needles are an indispensable tool for collecting blood from all patient demographics, particularly pediatric, geriatric, patients with difficult veins or dorsal hand veins. Butterfly needles, however, are much more expensive than a multi-sample needle/hub. Thus, phlebotomists must be prudent in their assessment and needle selection.
What is the Vacutainer system?
The vacuum collection consists of a doubled-pointed needle, plastic holder/adapter, and series of vacuum tubes with rubber stoppers of various colors.
What is the most commonly used site for venipuncture?
The antecubital space
Needle gauge
Indicates the size of the needle lumen
When do you recap a needle?
What is another word for fainting?
When should you remove the tourniquet after a successful venipuncture?
While the last tube is filling
Red top tube
Hematology testing
Yellow top tube
Blood cultures
Green top tube
Chemistry tests, contains heparin
Blue top tube
For coagulation, contains sodium citrate
Lavender top tube
Used for hematology contains EDTA
Gray top tube
Testing blood glucose, contains potassium oxalate
open pointed end of the needle that pierces the vein and which blood flows.
What is the purpose of a tourniquet?
restrict/slow blood flow and engorge veins
engorgement makes it easier to feel, locate, and palpate veins
When palpating a vein, why should you NOT use your thumb?
because your thumb has a pulse
feel with your pointer finger instead

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