pediatric reflexes

stepping reflex
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moro "startle response"quick next extension (head drops 30) startle loud/sudden noise --> arms abduct/ext, fingers splay then arms add/flex startle --> similar but elbows remain flexed & hands closedmoro timing28 weeks gestation to 5 monthsasymmetric tonic neck reflex "fencer position"turn head --> arm and legs extend face side, arm and legs flexed skull side (LE same but less) convexity of spine towards face sideATNR timingbirth - 6 monthswhat does ATNR reflex impactclothingsymmetric tonic neck reflex (sets up for creeping)flex/ext of head --> flex of head - flex of arm, ext of hips --> ext of head - ext of arms, flex of hipsSTNR timing6-8 monthsSTNR impacts whatcreeping/crawlinglabyrinth (symmetrical tonic labyrinth)prone - flexor tone dominates supine - extensor tone dominateslabyrinth timingbirth --> 6 monthslandaususpended prone --> total body extension to lift headlandau timing4-5 months --> 5 yearsoptical righting on body body on head timing2-3 months --> lifeneck on body body on body timing4-5 months --> 5 yearsparachute LE parachute UE timing4-5 months --> 5 years 6-7 months --> lifesitting in front timing6-7 months - lifesitting to side and back timing8-20 months --> lifepositive support reflexsimilar to supported standing where they take a step and require upright posture integrate 6 months