ch. 8 terms

a rectangle in Microsoft Powerpoint
active cell
cell with black border around it
an Excel file
a workbook can hold an unlimited amount of these
text values
words, names, numbers, addresses, or any combination of letters or numbers
text values used as a column or row heading
numerical values
a number with +, -, (, ), and %
auto fill
remembers things you have entered in the past and will immediately fill in a cell so you do not need to type as much
fill handle
appears as a little black square in the bottom right corner of the active cell
a mathematical expression
arithmetic operators
add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/)
(^) operator
order of operations
1. exponential calculations, 2. multiplication and division operations, 3. addition and subtraction operations, 4. calculations are completed from left to right, 5. all operations inside parentheses are completed first before completing othr operations
cell references
the key to solving a problem with many numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide
similarly to formulas, are always preceded by an equals sign (=)
sum function
add the numerical values in selected cells
count function
count how many cells have numerical values
average function
find the average of numerical values in selected cells
min function
find the lowest or minimum number in selected cells
max function
find the highest or maximum number in selected cells