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The order of operations: grouping, exponents, multiplication, subtraction
a value that does not change, a term without a variable
Equation math
a mathematical statement that says two things are equal
Algebraic Expression
a mathematical phrase that can have numbers, variables, and operations
a number placed before a variable (multiplying it)
a whole number that is not a fraction (can be positive or negative)
a symbol, most likely a letter, used to represent an unknown number/value (such as a or x)
Math Symbols
symbols used in math equations such as >, <, +, - , =, etc.
Number Line
A visual that represents number values both positive and negative (can be in fractions, integers, decimals, etc.)
says how many times to use the number to multiply by itself. (a small number that is to the right and above the larger, base, number)
a symbol used to represent a square root, cube root, etc.
Square Root
a value of a number that when multiplied by itself equals the number
a singular number or a variable, separated by + or -
Improper fraction
A fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator (the value is more than 1 whole)
Mixed Number
A whole number and a fraction
inverse operations
opposite operations, when used "undo" each other.

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