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Skin heals after a puncture - bacteria become trapped and create pockets of infection.
Abscess symptoms
Swollen, warm, painful, animal is depressed, animal hides
Where/how tooth root abscesses form
Below the eye as a bump or swelling
Treatment for abscesses
Small abscesses usually respond to therapy, but larger ones may require surgery.
Tooth root abscess treatment
Tooth extraction
How soon to examine abscesses
Within 24 hours
Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis; inflammation of the stomach and intestine with bleeding.
HGE symptoms
Sudden onset of bloody, watery diarrhea. Vomiting approximately 10 hours prior to diarrhea (80% of the time).
HGE predispositions
Smaller dog breeds, stress or hyperactivity.
How to diagnose HGE
PCV (packed cell volume or hematocrit).
PCV measures
The percentage of blood volume made up by red blood cells.
Normal PCV
At least 57%. Greater than 60% in 30% of patients.
HGE median age
5 years
HGE median size
25 lbs
HGE treatment
Aggressive fluid replacement, medication for nausea and pain control, low fat diet.
How soon does HGE improve
Usually within the first 24 hours of hospitalization
Length of hospitalization for HGE
3 days on average
When does stool return to normal with HGE
Within the course of about one week.