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  1. BAR
  2. AAHA
  3. Past History
  4. Medical records MUST be written in..?
  5. What color are you looking for with mucus?
  1. a American Animal Hospital Association
  2. b Bright Alert Responsive
  3. c Pink or Pale with normal cats or sleeping animals
  4. d Vaccine history, previous medical or surgical problems, spayed or neutered
  5. e Black Ink

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  1. why is the patient here
  2. Estimate Time of Arrival
  3. Packed Cell Volume
  4. Past History
  5. Draw a single line through the error, write the correct word, write corr with initials and date.

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  1. CCPast History


  2. TPRTemperature Pulse Respiration


  3. EHEnvironmental History


  4. SOAPSubjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan


  5. HPIHistory of Patient Illness