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  1. Past History
  2. PH
  3. Environmental History
  4. MM
  5. HPI
  1. a Mucus Membrane
  2. b Past History
  3. c History of Patient Illness
  4. d Skin problems or allergies
  5. e Vaccine history, previous medical or surgical problems, spayed or neutered

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  1. American Animal Hospital Association
  2. Chief Complaint
  3. Environmental History
  4. Capillary Refill Time
  5. Duration, progress, how it happened

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  1. Chief ComplaintHistory of Patient Illness


  2. What color are you looking for with mucus?Pink or Pale with normal cats or sleeping animals


  3. POMRBright Alert Responsive


  4. Medical records MUST be written in..?Black Ink


  5. PCVPast History