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16 terms

moving west

area of land set aside for native americans
sent messages along wires using electricity
settlers who claimed land on the great plains
cattle drive
method cowboys used to move large herds of cattle north from ranches in texas
union pacific
railroad that ran from nevada to nebraska
battle of little bighorn
lakota victory over the US soilders on june 25,1876
transcontinental railroad
railroad that crosses a continent
sod buster
great plains farmer of the late 1800s who had to cut through sod, or thick grass before planting crops
or new settlers that move to the great plains
thousands of african americans pioneers started new lives in communities on the great plains
a person who starts a new buisness, hoping to make a profit
central pacific
a railroad that traveled from california to nevada
pony express
Began delivering mail from missouri to california in 10 days
homestead act
offered free land to american citizens and immergants
the use of new ideas to make tools that improve peoples lives
gold rush
sudden movement of many people to an area where gold is found