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List 4 types of regions


List 4 ways people communicate

2.)Fax Machines
3.)Computers- email
4.)Cell phones

List the 5 regions of the United States


What are the three levels of government of the USA


What is a *region

An area with at least one feature that makes it different from other areas.

When may a region change

When people modify or change the enviroment to meet their needs.

Television and radios are examples of what

They're examples of types of communications.

What is our nation's capital called

Washington D.C.

What is Washington D.C. called

A federal district.

Nearly every state is divided into regions. What are these called?


What's the country seat

It's the town or city that is the center of a country's government.

Each state has its own center of the state's government in which it chooses. What are they called?

A capital city.

Each city sets up its own _____ or city government?


What's one thing the FEDERAL government does?

It makes treaties or agreements between groups or countries.

What is the job the STATE government does?

It provides services for the people in their state.

Counties and cities provide services for the people in their ___________?


Who is remembered as a planner of Washington D.C.?

Benjamin Bannecker.

Canada divides their nation into how many smaller political parties?

13 seperate.

About 2 out of 3 Canadians live within how many miles of the U.S border?


Mexico is also made out of ______ and has varied geography.


More than 100 million people live in what country?


What's the official language of Mexico?


What is the Central American region like?

It's made up of a narrow strip of land that connects North and South America.

Central America is divided into how many regions?


What's an example of a commonwealth of the U.S.?

Puerto Rico

What's an example of a territory of the U.S.?

The U.S. Virgin Islands.

Where are Central America and the Carribbean Islands both located?

In the tropics.

What's the last region of the North America is a huge island off the northeast coast of Canada called?


What two bodies of water border Central America?

The Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

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