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  1. alienate
  2. exhilarate
  3. punitive
  4. harass
  5. precedent
  1. a (v) to disturb, worry; to trouble by repeated attacks
  2. b (adj) inflicting or aiming at punishment
  3. c (v) to enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness to
  4. d (n) an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action
  5. e (v) to turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey

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  1. (adj) or of related to cooking or the kitchen
  2. (n) a death, especially of a person in a lofty position
  3. (adj) refined in a manner or style, suave
  4. (adj) stormy, harsh, severe in attitude or action
  5. (adj) plowed but not seeded; inactive; reddish- yellow
    (n) left unseeded
    (v) to plow but not seed

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  1. craven(adj) cowardly
    (n) a coward


  2. sojourn(n) a temporary stay
    (v) to stay for a time


  3. Adversary(adj) or of related to cooking or the kitchen


  4. artifice(adj) inflicting or aiming at punishment


  5. coerce(v) to erase, wipe out, cut out