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  1. Deus ex machina
  2. symbol
  3. villanelle
  4. rhythm
  5. free verse
  1. a the recurrence of stressed and unstressed syllables.
  2. b When authors throw in a random solution to the character's problem.
  3. c something that is simultaneously itself and a sign of something else.
  4. d poetry which is not written in a traditional meter but is still rhythmical.
  5. e a nineteen-line poem divided into five tercets and a final quatrain. uses only two rhymes repeated as: aba, aba, aba,aba,aba,abaa

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  1. a poem which is intended primarily to teach a lesson.
  2. A literary device: a suggested, implied or evocative meaning.
  3. a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.
  4. A term used for the pessimistic, contemporary worldview which began in the 1960's, rejecting tradition, resisting authority, and denying purpose in life and literature. Postmodern literature tends to focus upon how institutions use power to deny individuals their freedom.
  5. unrhymed iambic pentameter

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  1. elegya short work of nonfiction prose in which a writer attempts to fulfill a specific purpose.


  2. Conflictan unusual or startling analogy pointing to a striking parallel between two seemingly dissimilar things. comparing his soul and his wife's to legs of a mathematical compass.


  3. DeconstructionA literary device: a suggested, implied or evocative meaning.


  4. scansiona system for describing the meter of a poem by identifying the number and the types of feet per line.


  5. DigressionThe author uses literal meaning of a word to emphasize a specific or important fact.