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  1. Essay
  2. poetic foot
  3. satire
  4. terza rima
  5. conceit
  1. a a three-line stanza rhymed aba, bcb, cdc.
  2. b a group of syllables in verse usually consisting of one accented syllable and one or two unaccented syllables associated with it.
  3. c a short work of nonfiction prose in which a writer attempts to fulfill a specific purpose.
  4. d an unusual or startling analogy pointing to a striking parallel between two seemingly dissimilar things. comparing his soul and his wife's to legs of a mathematical compass.
  5. e writing that seeks to arouse a reader's disapproval of an object by ridicule. usually a comedy that exposes erros with an eye to correct vice and folly.

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  1. a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.
  2. the sensory details of a work. When AP asks you to discuss this, look carefully at sensory details, metaphors, and similes.
  3. the arrangement of materials within a work; the relationship of the parts of a work to the whole; the logical divisions of a work.
  4. the repetition of a regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry. each unit of ____ is known as a foot.
  5. a sustained and formal poem setting for the poet's meditations upon death or another solemn theme.

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  1. blank verseunrhymed iambic pentameter


  2. ParadoxA literary technique which imitates and ridicules another author or genre.


  3. terceta stanza of three lines in which each line ends with the same rhyme.


  4. enjambmentfalling action


  5. CatastropheThe concluding action of a drama, especially a classical tragedy, following the climax and containing a resolution of the plot.