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  1. Anthropomorphism
  2. rhyme royal
  3. poetic foot
  4. Double-entendre
  5. masculine rhyme
  1. a a group of syllables in verse usually consisting of one accented syllable and one or two unaccented syllables associated with it.
  2. b double-meaning, especially when the second is impolite.
  3. c It's a very human personification. Giving things that shouldn't be human, human abilities. Examples: Spongebob eating hamburgers and talking.
  4. d rhyme that falls on the stressed and concluding syllables of the rhyme-words. (keep and sleep) (glow and no)
  5. e a seven-line stanza of iambic pentameter rhymed ababbcc.

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  1. A short, pithy and instructive statement of truth. Same thing as a Maxim.
  2. The literary device of creating a larger story for the purpose of combining a number of shorter stories in a unity.
  3. The general explanation of the meaning of a literary work.
  4. the recurrence of stressed and unstressed syllables.
  5. a poem consisting of four lines of verse with a specific rhyming scheme.

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  1. HyperboleExaggeration for effect.


  2. villanellea system for describing the meter of a poem by identifying the number and the types of feet per line.


  3. meterthe sensory details of a work. When AP asks you to discuss this, look carefully at sensory details, metaphors, and similes.


  4. ChiasmA literary structure used by Homer and other writers, including some Biblical authors, in which parallel ideas are first stated in one order, and then repeated in reverse order.


  5. SoliloquyAn extended speech in which a lone character expresses his or her thoughts