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History Quiz Ava THS

What were minutemen?
Men that you could call and they would be there at a moments notice if you need help
t or f: General Gage was British
King George III ordered Gage to arrest colonial leaders especially ______________ and __________
Samuel Adams and John Hancock
What was Lexington nicknamed?
The shot around the world
What two people set of to Lexington to warn Adams and Hancock that British troops were coming?
Paul Revere and William Dawes
Where did they go after they warned the leaders?
________________ another alarm rider met them on the road.
Samuel Prescott
What two people escaped the British trying to arrest them
Prescott and Dawes
Who was captured and then let go but they kept his horse
Paul Revere
The colonists fought "________"
How many British soldiers reached lexington to face __ minutemen?
How many Americans were killed at Lexington
British went to ________ where hundreds of minutemen were waiting
t or f: Colonial casualties outnumbered British casualties
Most British leave to ___________ and the rest leave to ____________
New York
Nova Scotia
George Washington takes over after __________________
Bunker Hill
Benedict Arnold led an unsuccessful attack on Quebec did he ever go back?
t or f: Continental army does NOT want self government
How did George Washington lead get the Continental Army away from British troops?
He lead the army through a very thick fog that had arose and left 3 soldiers to start a fire right before the British woke up and run.