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Q4_2E Unit 7 Vocab Review


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adhesive (n.)
exploit (v.)
to use something for benefit
flammable (adj.)
easily burns
inadvertent (adj.)
not done on purpose
inconceivable (adj.)
hard to imagine
interact (v.)
talk with other people
mandatory (adj.)
obvious (adj.)
easy to see, understand
synthetic (adj.)
not natural
unreliable (adj.)
cannot be depended on
vastly (adv.)
very greatly
ache (v.)
to feel a dull, continuous pain
adopt (v.)
to become the legal parent of a child who is not your own
alert (adj.)
quick to notice things; aware
biological (adj.)
connected by direct genetic relationship
deprived (adj.)
without enough food, money, or other basic things
face to face (phr.)
close together and looking at each other
in all probability (phr.)
very likely to happen
odds (n.)
the chance of something happening
reunion (n.)
a social event for a group of people who have not seen each other for a long time

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