Homework Chapter 21

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Which of the following descriptions accurately describes Boyle's law?
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According to the graph, hemoglobin is 25% saturated at PO2 of:15 mm Hg.As hemoglobin saturation decreases:more oxygen is released from hemoglobin._______ has a greater partial pressure in the pulmonary capillaries than in the alveoli, so it diffuses into the _______.CO2; alveoliDespite the fact that the partial pressure difference is so much smaller for CO2, why is there as much CO2exchanged between the alveoli and blood as there is O2, ?CO2 is much more soluble in blood than O2.How would the partial pressures of O2 and CO2 change in an exercising muscle?The partial pressure of O2 would decrease, and the partial pressure of CO2 would increase.Which way would O2 and CO2 diffuse during internal respiration?O2 would diffuse into the cells, and CO2 would diffuse into the systemic capillaries.Internal and external respiration depends on several factors. Which of the following is NOT an important factor in gas exchange?the molecular weight of the gasWhich statement is correct?During external respiration, equilibrium is reached for O2 when the partial pressure for O2 in the pulmonary capillaries and the alveoli are the same.There are several types of COPD disorders. Which of the following is another example of a COPD?chronic bronchitis