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  1. content
  2. 4 artisic qualities:subject matter
  3. regional relationships
  4. humanities
  5. 4 artistic qualities:artistic form
  1. a subject matter detached by means of artistic form from its accidental or insighnificant aspects and thus clarified and made more meaningful
  2. b significant relationships between regions
  3. c some value expressed in the work of art
  4. d the organization of a medium that results
  5. e broad areas of human creativity and study essentially involved with values and generally not using strictly objective or scientific methods

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  1. is the work tightly organized, does everything work together?
  2. at a moderate pace
  3. judgement of the merits of a work of art. To make an evaluative criticism, a critic would ask if the work has the work of perfection, ineshaustability, and insight
  4. what the work of art "is about";some value before artisitic clarification
  5. the mixture of all colors, which prevents any color from showing

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  1. artistic formcompositition or structure that makes subject matter more interesting


  2. huethe name of a color


  3. varietythe contrast of details and regions


  4. valuein regard to color, the lightness or darkness of a hue;shading


  5. primary colorsthe organization of a medium that clarifies or reveals a subject matter


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