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  1. subject matter
  2. chord
  3. detail relationships
  4. representational painting
  5. line
  1. a what the work of art "is about";some value before artisitic clarification
  2. b three of more notes played at the same time
  3. c painting that has specified objects or events as its primary subject matter
  4. d a continuous marking made by a moving point on a surface
  5. e significant relationships between or among details

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  1. 1.artists help us inderstand truth
    2. artists help us praise God
    3.artists help us reach the world with the Gospel of christ
  2. the organization of a medium that clarifies or reveals a subject matter
  3. a wall painting. wet fresco involves pigment applied to wet plaster. dry fresco involves pigment applied to dry wall. wet fresco generally is much more enduring than dry fresco
  4. fortissimo=very loud
  5. determines basic visual direction-"invisible vectors of visual force"

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  1. criticismdisciplines that for the most part use strictly objective standards


  2. primary colorsgreen, orange, and violet. these colors are created by the combinations of any two of the primary colors


  3. fantasiaat a walking pace


  4. rondoreturns to an intial theme after the presentation of each new theme (A-B-A-C-A-D-A)


  5. interpretive criticismthe description of the subject matter and form of a work of art