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  1. axis line
  2. complementary colors
  3. content
  4. criticism
  5. perspective
  1. a colors that lie opposite to each other on the color wheel
  2. b the analysis and evaluation of works of art
  3. c subject matter detached by means of artistic form from its accidental or insighnificant aspects and thus clarified and made more meaningful
  4. d in painting, the illusion of an object
  5. e an imaginary line-generated by a visible line or lines-that helps determine the direction of the eye in any of the visual arts

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  1. innovators, the "advance guard"-those who break sharply with traditional conventions and styles
  2. a group of notes plated one after another, having a perceivable shape and/or form(a beginning, middle, and end)
  3. literally means "tail", refers to a passage added to the end of a musical composition to produce a satisfactory close
  4. significant relationships between regions
  5. loudness and softness of the sound

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  1. fmezzo piano=medium soft


  2. compositionthe organization of the elements in a work of art


  3. axis linessuggest movement, form shapes, shapes determine structural relationships, therefore lines are fundamental to a painting


  4. inexhastabilitybroad areas of human creativity and study essentially involved with values and generally not using strictly objective or scientific methods


  5. mfmezzo forte=medium loud