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  1. harmony
  2. structural relationships
  3. perfection
  4. lento of largo
  5. pp
  1. a is the work tightly organized, does everything work together?
  2. b slow
  3. c the sounding of tone simultaneously
  4. d significant relationships between or among details or regions to the totality
  5. e pianissimo=very soft

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  1. the contrast of details and regions
  2. when 2 or more tones sounded simultaneously are pleasing to the ear
  3. the interpretation of subject matter
  4. awareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe
  5. red, yellow, blue

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  1. regional relationshipssignificant relationships between or among details


  2. elementsfor painting, the coloring agent


  3. moderatoat a moderate pace


  4. artistic formcompositition or structure that makes subject matter more interesting


  5. lateral linessuggest tension and movement