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  1. binder
  2. why is art always involved in significant and meaningful events and circumstances
  3. harmony
  4. region
  5. white light
  1. a the sounding of tone simultaneously
  2. b the adhering agent for the various media of painting
  3. c a. art helps us attribute meaning to truth
    b.cuz of this, some would argue no one can truly comprehend truth without art
  4. d the mixture of all colors, which prevents any color from showing
  5. e a broad area of a structure ;in painting, a large section of the overall work of art

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  1. significant relationships between or among details or regions to the totality
  2. a "free flight of fancy" rather than a conventional form such as sonata form
  3. pianissimo=very soft
  4. the contrast of details and regions
  5. fortissimo=very loud

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  1. chordthree of more notes played at the same time


  2. temperain painting, pigment is bound by egg yolk


  3. symphonythe sounding of tone simultaneously


  4. theme and variationa clear statement followed by various modifications of the theme or inspired by the theme


  5. moderatoat a moderate pace