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  1. axis line
  2. 4 artistic qualities:artistic form
  3. theme and variation
  4. regional relationships
  5. presto
  1. a very fast
  2. b significant relationships between regions
  3. c a clear statement followed by various modifications of the theme or inspired by the theme
  4. d the organization of a medium that results
  5. e an imaginary line-generated by a visible line or lines-that helps determine the direction of the eye in any of the visual arts

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  1. for painting, pigment bound by a synthetic plastic substance allowing
  2. the contrast of details and regions
  3. structural relationships,detail relationships, and regional relationships
  4. does the work continue to hld the viewer's interest not matter how many times it is viewed(it resists monotony)
  5. green, orange, and violet. these colors are created by the combinations of any two of the primary colors

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  1. perspectiveawareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe


  2. axis linessuggest movement, form shapes, shapes determine structural relationships, therefore lines are fundamental to a painting


  3. saturationa continuum of changes in the details regions, such as the gradual variations in shape, color value, and shadowing in a painting


  4. moderatoat a moderate pace


  5. detail relationshipsthe purity, vividness, or intensity of a hue


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