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  1. primary colors
  2. detail relationships
  3. concepts in a work of art
  4. tone
  5. form-content
  1. a structural relationships,detail relationships, and regional relationships
  2. b significant relationships between or among details
  3. c red, yellow, blue
  4. d the embodiment of the meaning of a work of art with the form
  5. e a sound that has definite frequency

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  1. the name of a color
  2. fast
  3. the basic components of a medium(singular form of "media"). For example, one element in the medium of oil paints is pigment
  4. in painting, the color field as composed by sense(sensa are the qualities of objects of objects or events that stimulateour sense organs, especially our eyes)
  5. overall organization of a work

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  1. colorthe property of reflecting light of a prticular wavelength


  2. sciencesdisciplines that for the most part use strictly objective standards


  3. saturationfor painting, pigment bound by a synthetic plastic substance allowing


  4. valuein regard to color, the lightness or darkness of a hue;shading


  5. fantasiaa "free flight of fancy" rather than a conventional form such as sonata form