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  1. 4 artistic qualities:artistic form
  2. mixed media
  3. perception
  4. lines
  5. curved lines
  1. a suggest movement, form shapes, shapes determine structural relationships, therefore lines are fundamental to a painting
  2. b awareness of something stimulating our sense organs. simply put, its about what we observe
  3. c the organization of a medium that results
  4. d are softer and flowing
  5. e the combination of two or more artistic media in the same work. for example, a work of that combines acrylic paint and cut-out magazine pictures on a stretched canvas

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  1. determines basic visual direction-"invisible vectors of visual force"
  2. a broad area of a structure ;in painting, a large section of the overall work of art
  3. an image created from a master wooden block, stone, plate, or screen, usually on paper. many impressions can be made from the same surface
  4. the adhering agent for the various media of painting
  5. the property of reflecting light of a prticular wavelength

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  1. perspectiveis the work tightly organized, does everything work together?


  2. form-contentthe embodiment of the meaning of a work of art with the form


  3. fuguea theme developed by counterpoint


  4. unityrefers to the "togetherness", in spite of contrasts, of details and regions in a while work of art


  5. white lightthe mixture of all colors, which prevents any color from showing