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  1. E- ?
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Radiation fog
  4. Foredunes
  5. Mild Humid (subtropical) Climate-
  1. a an intense, local convection storm associated with cumulonimbus cloud and yielding heavy ppt, along with lightning, thunder and someimtes the fall of hail or snow
  2. b landward of sand beaches, such as Galveston, usually fin a narrow belt of dunes in the form of irregularly shaped hills and depressions; irregularly shaped sand dunes typically found adjacent to beaches on lowlying coasts and bearing a partial cover of plants
  3. c Polar Climate
  4. d (C) coldest month has an average temp under 64.4 deg F but above 26.6 deg F. At least one moneth has an average temp above 50 deg F. Has both summer and winter.
  5. e formed at night when temperature of the stagnant basal air falls below the dew point. Associated with a low-level temperature inversion (colder air closer to ground, wamer air above).

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  1. or globular clouds; globular masses representing bubble-like bodies of warmer air spontaneously rising because they are less dense than the surrounding air-- also called cumulus
  2. associated with recently emerged (new land) coastal plain. Offshore slope is very gentle and an island of sand is usually thrown up by a wave action some distance off shore. Behind lays a lagoon.
  3. reef building corals create new land. There are 3 basic types, fringing, barrier, and Atolls
  4. Arid (desert)
  5. dry season in winter

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  1. Delta coasta deeply embayed coast resulting from submergence of a landmass dissected by stream. This coast has many offshore islands.


  2. How is the relative humidity effected?through evaporation or a change in temperature


  3. Polar Climate-(E) average temperature of every month is <50 deg F. NO true summer; "Boreal"


  4. Orographic Precipitationprecipitation generated by the forced ascent of moist air over a mountain barrier


  5. A-?Tropical Rainy Climate