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  1. Cumulonimbus
  2. The Koppen climate system
  3. Dew point
  4. Saturation point
  5. D- ?
  1. a Snowy Forest (Temperate) Climate
  2. b critical temperature at which air becomes saturated during cooling-- below the dew point, condensation usually sets in and the result is dew, fog or frost.
  3. c at any given temperature, the total quantity of water vapor that can by "held" by the air has a definite limit
  4. d shorthand codes of letters designating major climate groups, subgroups within the major groups and further definition to distinguish seasonal characteristics.
  5. e a cumuliform cloud that develop tall stalk-like shapes and penetrates high into the troposphere (thunderstorm clouds)

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  1. Mild Humid (subtropical) Climate
  2. are more or less circular coral reefs enclosing a lagoon but without any land inside (just lagoon). Most are built on a foundation of volcanic rock- volcanoes rising from ocean floor.
  3. the forced lift of moist air over mountain barrier. Generated by the forced ascent of moist air over a mountain barrier is termed orographic precipitation.
  4. (E) average temperature of every month is <50 deg F. NO true summer; "Boreal"
  5. Arid (desert)

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  1. Rip tideaverage weather over a given time


  2. Cyclonic stormsintense weather disturbance within a moving cyclon generating strong winds, cloudiness and ppt


  3. What are the environmental effects of acid rain/deposition on natural systems?acidification of lakes and streams; excessive leaching of nutrients from the soil; various metabolic disturbances to organisms; and upsetting the balances of predators to prey ratios in aquatic systems.


  4. Latent heatheat absorbed and held in storage in a gas or liquid during the process of evaporation or melting, respectively.


  5. Regalso a landscape of the Sahara Desert.. a stoney desert (desert pavement)