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July 17.2018 Body Fit Studio Class - Peak: Anjaneyasana w/Prayer Twist

Key Concepts:

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- Begin in AMS; on INHALE come high on toes, EXHALE step rt foot forward until toes line up with fingertips - low lunge
- Bend rt knee to rt angle, knee directly over ankle and in line with second toe
- Bring lt knee to mat, lt toes can tuck or untuck
- On INHALE raise torso, reaching fingertips to ceiling and releasing tailbone down
- EXHALE bring palms to touch in front of heart - Anjali Mudra
- INHALE tilt forward and hook lt elbow to outside edge of rt knee
- Press palms together vigorously to leverage twist
- Lengthen sternum away from navel, directing sternum to center of mat
- Maintain alignment of knee over ankle, press rt knee against lt elbow and to rt to realign if it's drifted inward
- Roll lt ribcage toward rt thigh, and rt ribcage away from rt thigh
- INHALE to lengthen the spine, reach the crown of the head forward, EXHALE twist around length of spine

Option to straighten lt leg into low lunge w/prayer twist:
- If straightening lt leg, you need to really commit to it, don't be hesitant
- Lift lt thigh toward ceiling, engage quadriceps making leg very active
- Again, INHALE reach through the crown of the head as you push lt heel back, EXHALE twist around length of spine

- To come out of pose, rotate back to center and step back to AMS

- Make fist with top hand and press it into bottom palm to leverage rotation
- Press back heel into wall to teach vigor of back leg
- If shoulders round and chest collapses, lengthen sternum away from navel and re-center head toward middle of mat