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(FEFP) Florida Education Finance Program
to guarantee each student programs and services to meet his/her educational needs. The purpose of the funding system (originally stated in law as legislative intent), is "to guarantee to each student in the Florida public educational system the availability of programs and services
appropriate to his or her educational needs which are substantially equal to those available to any
similar student notwithstanding geographic differences and varying local economic factors
Hazelwood Case
dealt with student publications; the newspaper was not a "public forum" and could not contain things that would disrupt the school day.
3D DeYoung's Budget
1. the cost of the program
2. the revenue necessary to pay for the expenditures
3. the educational program itself
Extended Learning Plan (ELP) and Extended School Year (ESY) funded by
Supplemental Academic Instruction Allocation
In order to equalize funding among the school districts, the FEFP takes into account
The local property tax base.
Costs of educational programs.
District cost differential (DCD).
Sparsity of student population.
Students w/ Disabilities
Personal Learning Scholarship Account (PLSA)
SWD, Private School tuition, purchase approved services, virtual programs.
Enhancement Enhancement Trust Fund
General Revenue Fund
Sales Tax
Local Funding comes first
property tax
McKay Scholarship
SWD, must be reported for funding in a school district during the prior Oct. and Feb. FTE surveys in order to be eligible.
a. Economic education projects may be exempted from Sections I-III of this chapter at
the discretion of district school boards, with the following stipulations:
1. Administrative oversight continues to ensure that activities are in the best
interest of the students and the school.
2. Involved employees are bonded.
3. Checks drawn on bank accounts are controlled so that a teacher's or
sponsor's authorization is required.
4. Bank statements are currently reconciled and reviewed by the principal.
b. Economic education projects include Junior Achievement programs and similar
programs that link the curriculum with appropriate economic education activities.
The director of a designated area career center shall assume the duties and responsibilities
assigned to the position of principal by this chapter.
School districts may apply to the Commissioner of Education for modification of the policies
and procedures in this chapter. Such application shall state the specific provision herein and the
emergency or reason for which relief is sought. Approval of any modification shall be valid for
up to one year.
School districts that use centralized accounting systems for internal funds may apply to the
Commissioner of Education for modification of the policies and procedures in this chapter.
The sale of food or beverages to students by direct sale or through vending machines shall be in
accordance with Rule 5P-1.003, F.A.C.
a. Chapters 119 and 257, F.S., provide that no public official may mutilate, destroy,
sell, loan, or otherwise dispose of any public record unless under the consent of the
records and information management program of the Division of Library and
Information Services of the Department of State. Provided applicable audits have
been released, records may be disposed of in accordance with procedures established
by the records and information management program. Examples of such records for
internal funds include check requisitions and documentation, canceled checks, recap
of collections, journals, ledgers, financial reports, purchase orders, and serialized
b. Procedures for destruction of records shall be in accordance with Chapters 119 and
257, F.S.
a. shall be planned to finance a specified objective.
b. Each shall have the approval of the organization sponsor and the
c. The principal shall control the fundraising activities conducted in the name of the
school and ensure that the purposes are worthwhile.
1. Raffles and other activities of chance shall not be conducted for schoolconnected
activities. Encouraging or permitting minors to participate in
games of chance by playing or betting money or other valuable things is
prohibited pursuant to Section 849.04, F.S.
2. Fundraising activities for which students are charged an admission shall
not be presented during school hours.
d. When any school organization or group is involved in a fundraising activity or any
function exposing the district school board to extraordinary liability, approval must
be obtained in advance from the superintendent or designee.
e. Collections for all school-sponsored fundraising activities must be deposited in the
internal fund, and all transactions in connection with the activity must be conducted
in accordance with district school board rules.
a. the school participates with outside groups
such as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or booster clubs through planning,
staging, or conducting school-related activities. Such activities may be held on or off
the school grounds and will usually take the form of fundraising events such as
carnivals, paid entertainment, or food sales.
b. Such activities must be approved by the principal and be beneficial to students.
School district procedures shall be followed to provide appropriate accounting for
funds and to ensure compliance with policies contained herein. If a share of the
proceeds is to be disbursed to the cooperating group, a prior written agreement
should be executed.
a. The district school board shall provide for an annual audit of internal funds.
b. In accordance with Rule 6A-1.087(2), F.A.C., the signed, written report of the audit
shall include notations of any failure to comply with Florida Statutes, SBE rules, or
district school board rules. The report, which must also provide commentary as to
financial management and irregularities, shall be presented to the district school
board while in session and filed as a part of the public record.
a. The principal's financial report and any other interim reports shall be prepared and
submitted according to the schedule and format prescribed in school district-adopted
b. At the close of the school year, the school internal fund's annual financial report shall
be prepared in accordance with school district procedures, and the principal and
preparer shall provide a signed attestation of the report's accuracy in reflecting the
year's activity and year-end balances to be included in the school district's annual
financial report.