Legal Personhood APE Vocabulary

The ability to engage in independent thought and decision-making.
A state where a living being is confined in a particular area and prevented from escaping.
A mammal, part of the family Hominidae (the Great Apes). These animals share approximately 99% of their DNA with human beings.
The differential treatment of people, without a good reason. Unacceptable reasons include treating someone differently purely because of their race, skin colour, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity.
One type of entity created by law which can act as a legal person. These entities can sue and be sued, own property and be held legally accountable for their actions.
Habeas Corpus
A type of legal remedy which can be used to bring prisoners before a court to make a ruling on whether they have been lawfully imprisoned.
A rule-based system adhered to within a certain jurisdiction, in which the rules agreed to by the community are used to regulate the behaviour of community members.
Legal Obligation
A duty which one is bound to uphold by law.
Legal Person
An entity which is the holder of legal rights. The entity is most commonly a human being, but also may be a corporation, ship or natural entity (such as a river).
Legal Right
A legal entitlement to something protected by law.
Nonhuman Rights Project
An organisation established by US lawyer Steven Wise, which aims to change the legal status of certain animals (such as Great Apes, elephants, dolphins and whales) from 'property' to 'legal persons'.
A thing owned by a legal person. Things do not have legal rights. Owners have various rights with respect to the things they own - including the rights to sell and destroy.
Self Awareness
The ability to identify a separate sense of 'self', distinct from other entities. It is the understanding of one's individual character.
A form of discrimination against non-human animals by humans, stemming from the presumption that human beings are superior to all other species on earth. It involves treating non-human animals differently to human beings purely because they are not human.