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MR. Rod

complement (def)

the opposite event

complement (form)


conditional probability (def)

probability of one even happening under the condition that we know another event has already happened

conditional probability (form)

P(A|B)=P(both happening)/P(given happening)

conditional probability (table)

calculate the relative proportion by eliminating the rows or columns not given


same as mutually exclusive

independent (Cond. Prob Form)


independent (def)

knowledge of one event does not effect another event

independent (intersection form)

P(A int B)=P(A)P(B)


probability of two or more events happening at the same time

joint events

same as intersecting events

multiplication principle

if one event can be done in x ways and another can be done in y ways then both can be done in xy ways

mutually exclusive (def)

two or more events with no common or overlapping items

mutually exclusive (form)

P(A int B)=0


two events are never mutually exclusive and independent at the same time

probabilitree diagram

a visual picture where the second branching represents conditional probability


the proportion of times an outcome occurs in a long series of repetitions


individual outcomes are uncertain but there is a regular distribution of outcomes


drawing an element from a sample space and returning it after recording its value. the probability of the next event doesn't change

sample space (def)

a list of all possible events

sample space (form)



using random charts or random generators to perform a large number of trials to approximate the probability


P(AUB)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A int B)

union-mutually exclusive




venn diagram

a visual picture where circles are used and areas represent the probability of being in that section

without replacement

drawing an element from a sample space and not returning it after recording its value. The probability of the next event does change

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