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human sexuality test 4

sexual orientation
An enduring sexual attraction toward members of either one's own sex (homosexual orientation) or the other sex (heterosexual orientation)
Attracted to the same sex
person who is attracted to a member of the opposite sex
a person who is sexually attracted to both sexes
gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and/or questioning
problem with kinsey scale
if focus on sexual behaviour not emotion....
klein sexual orientation grid
it considers sexual behaviour, sexual fantasies, sexual attraction, social preference
sexual and emotionally attracted to both sexes to varying degrees....
sexuality environmental , social, biological
psychoanaltic theory
- gay identity might result from parental behaviour
- emotionally distant father and overbearing mothers
learning theory
bad heterosexual experience cause a person to become gay.
persistant and atypical sex interest in non-human objects, physically or emotionally painful experiences, or non-consenting individuals
What do almost all are men who have more than one paraphilia have
emotional problems, impulse control disorders, and sexual dysfunctions
Manifestations of unresolved inner conflicts caused by traumatic events in childhood
Lovemaps (Money)
Template for ideal romantic partner and lover
Courtship disoder theory
Due to disturbed courtship cycle
Childhood experiences influence sexual expression
nonsexual object or behavior may take on erotic undertones through association with sexual pleasure
behavior is reinforced by rewarding consequences
neural and hormonal differences may exist in some men
men show activity in left front lobe instead of right when paraphilia is present
anatomical diffeents in frontal and temporal lobes
alterations in dopamine, seratonin and testosterone levels
brain lesions, turmors, and epilepsy alter sexual interests
A paraphilia consisting of recurrent and intense sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve the use of a nonliving object, often to the exclusion of all other stimuli.
transvestic fetishism
men become aroused by wearing womens clothing
different from drag queens and transsexuals
men become aroused by thinking of themselves as women
bondge and discipline, dominance and submission
BDSM relationship is based on
concept of partners voluntarily taking on deliberately unequal yet complementary roles
top or dominant partner controls and may discipline submissive partner
bottom or submissive partner is controlled
use of restraints during sex play
sexual pleasure is derived from being hurt or humiliated as part of a sex ritual
sexual pleasure is derived from intentionally hurting or humiliating others
actvities include knives, suffocation, or electricity
why do people enjoy SBDM
biological - pain or stress may release pleasure substances
psychological - departure from everyday lives
behavior - childhood experiences may influence later sexual development
esposing genitals to unsuspecting persons
excited in part by power they have by surprising victims
one of the most common paraphilias in US
children and women are frequent targets
telephone scatologia
-sexual arousal through the use of obscene language to unsuspecting victims over the phone
- sexual gratification comes from response
etiology is unclear, may be a form of sexual terrorism against women
- callers are typically heterosexual men with limited social interactions
telephone scatologia types
telephone masturbator
ingratiating seducer
shock callers
annoyance creaators
panic creators
sexual arousal is depending on sexually asaulting or raping non-consenting victim
when a person doesn't experience any sexual attraction
incidence may be difficult to establish
may have sex out of curiousity or to please partner
excessive interest in sex, to the point where it interrupts daily life
Defense of Marriage Act
(1996) Defines marriage as man-woman. No state is forced to recognize same-sex marriage (unconstitutional exception to full faith & credit clause?)
An irrational hostility, hatred, or fear of homosexuals.
gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, and/or questioning
The Kinsey scale problems
Categories are ambiguous and open to interpretation
Scale focuses on sexual behaviors rather than emotions or sexual identity
Does not account for specific life situations
Does not consider changes in orientation over time
Klein sexual orientation grid (KSOG)
Too complex
Not everyone agrees with seven parameters
The Prevalence of Homosexuality
Very difficult to determine incidence of homosexuality in a population
Psychosocial Theories of Homosexuality
that sexual orientation is learned
pre nantal - gay
Maternal immune hypothesis
Man's sexual orientation is related to number of older brothers he has; prenatal factors in mother's womb play a role
LeVay Study
Possible brain differences

Larger hypothalamus volume (INAH-3) in heterosexual men than in women and gay men
coming out
Acknowledging to oneself and others that one is gay or lesbian
Benefits - Individual can live openly and honestly, which is psychologically beneficial
coming out problems
Losing friends, family, and jobs
Those whose parents reject them for being gay are more likely to be depressed, lonely, and isolated
About 18% of hate crimes
from self-awareness, to self-acceptance, to disclosure
sibling study
to discover concordance rate of homosexuality
Genetic component to homosexuality, but same-sex attraction is not entirely genetic
Some environmental factors influence male sexual orientation
Genetics less of a factor in female sexual orientation
No distinct gay gene has been identified, but involvement of chromosomes has been suggested
Learning theory
Early experiences are important in development of sexual orientation
Bad heterosexual experiences cause a person to become gay (e.g., sexual abuse of opposite sex)
No social factors has ever been found completely responsible for same-sex attraction
Why people have sex
Goal attainment
Sexual attitudes and behaviors influenced by
Physical fitness, hormones, and gender
Stimulation of one's own genitals, which produces feelings of pleasure and often results in orgasm
Men and women of all ages masturbate for many reasons, including pleasure, relaxation, and to relieve sexual tension
Allows both men and women to learn about their bodies and their sexual response
Most prevalent sexual behavior
Mental imagery that
is sexually arousing
Erotic dreams
Dreams with an erotic content
Some can result in orgasm
Nocturnal emissions or wet dreams (males)
Negatively correlated with frequency of masturbation
oral sex
male or femal genitals stimulated by a partner's mouth/tongue
sexual position
Male on top and woman underneath (missionary); female on top and male underneath; side by side; rear entry
Masters and Johnson's tips to a health sex life
Always remember that good sex begins while your clothes are still on.
Take time to think about yourself as a sexual being.
Take responsibility for your own sexual pleasure.
Talk with your partner about sex.
Unlawful intercourse with an individual without their consent.
Theories of rape
Feminist theory
Aggravated Sexual Assault (Statutory Rape)
Victim is under 14
Weapon or threat of weapon is used
Victim is physically helpless or mentally defective
Actor is aided or abetted by one or more other persons
Feminist theory
Rape is a tool used by men in our society to keep women submissive and powerless