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how cells are formed

They are formed from pre- existing cells

why do cells divide

to get the organism to grow, repair and reproduce


The basic unit of life and the essential link between generations

cells contain

coded information called DNA


collectively called the organisms genome


organized into informational units call genes


control the activities of the cell

Found in Genes


housed on chromosomes


composed on chromatid


how many chromosomes do humans have


Carries genetic information


Each chromosome may contain

1000s of genes

once cells reach a certain size

they must either stop growing or divide

cell cycle aka generation time

time it takes for one cell to divide


division of the cytoplasm


resting phase cells spend most of its life in it

one cell cycle =

mitosis and cyto kinesis


involves the nucleus, insures the the nucleus receives the same number of chromosomes present in the original nucleus: actual dividing time


chromosomes duplicate not considered and actual phase longest phase in mitosis


chromosomes become visible sister chromatid form nuclear membrane breaks up spindle form

sister chromatids

duplicate chromosomes or identical pairs


area of attachment that holds sister chromatids together


areas of electromagnetism ( a pull happens)

miotic spindles

fibers that form from the poles aid seperation of sister chromatids


all chromosomes ar aligned in the middle sister chromatid go toward opposite poles. spindle fibres attach to chromosomes


sister chromatids seperate and move toward opposite poles becomes independent chromosome, chromatids seperate at the centromere


chromosomes arrive at the poles nucleuar envelope forms to produce two daughter cells


forms two daughter cells each has the same number and kind of chromosomes as the parent cell. begins in telelphase

asexual reproduction

occurs my mitosis so every organism is the same.

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