Ch. 23 WC

Old Regime
system of feudalism
social class of people
Louis XVI
weak king who came to French throne in 1774
Marie Antoinette
unpopular queen; wife of Louis XVI
Assembly of representatives from all three estates
National Assembly
French congress established by representatives of the Third Estate
Tennis Court Oath
promise made by Third Estate representatives to draw up a new constitution
Great Fear
wave of panic
Legislative Assembly
assembly that replaced the National Assembly in 1791
nobles and others who left France during the peasent uprisings and who hoped to come back to restore the old system
machine for beheading people
Maximilien Robespierre
revolutionary leader who tried to wipe out every trace of France's past monarchy and nobility
Regin of Terror
period of Robespierre's rule
Napoleon Bonaparte
military leader who seized power in France
coup d'etat
a sudden takeover of a government
Napoleonic Code
complete set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
Battle of Trafalgar
British defeat of Napoleon's forces at sea
Continental system
Napoleon's policy of preventing trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations
Peninsular War
War that Napoleon fought in Spain
battle in Belgium that was Napoleon's final defeat
Hundred Days
Napoleon's last bid for power, which ended at Waterloo
Congress of Vienna
meetings in Vienna for the purpose of restoring order to Europe
Klemens von Metternich
key leader at the Congress of Vienna
Concert of Europe
series of alliances to help prevent revolution