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TCI: Chapter 4

Where were medieval towns built?

Near rivers

What was a charter?

The agreement signed by a lord or monarch that gave the townspeople the right to govern themselves

Who took the power from feudal lords when towns developed?

Mayors and town councils

What is the economic term (word) used to mean that a person or town focuses on making only one thing?


Which city was known for specializing in glass?


Which area specialized in making wool cloth?


What is the difference between trial by combat and trial by ordeal?

Trial by combat is when two people fight to determine guilt or innocence. The thought is that God lets chooses the innocent person to win the fight. In trial by ordeal the person has to pass a dangerous test.

What replaced trial by combat and ordeal during medieval times?

Courts following written common law replaced these practices.

What is the difference between a MYSTERY play and a MIRACLE play?

Mystery- story from the Bible
Miracle - story about a saint

What was one problem associated with trial by ordeal?

If thrown into a deep well, you were considered rejected by God and therefore "guilty" if you floated to the top.

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