10 terms

E-III Classical Vocab-A L-9

English III, Lesson 9, Mansfield Christian, Mrs. Cochran, Vocabulary from Classical Roots
artifact (n.)
an object made by human beings; often refers to a primitive tool or other relic from an earlier period
artifice (n.)
craftiness/trickery; cleverness/skill
artisan (n.)
a skilled craftsperson
artless (adj.)
without deceit or cunning; natural/simple; crude/ignorant/uncultured
depict (v.)
to paint, draw or express in a picture or sculpture; to describe; to picture in words
incantation (n.)
the chanting/speaking of words seeming to have magical power or used to create a magical spell
ode (n.)
a poem usually addressed to a particular person, object, or event that has stimulated deep and noble feelings in the poet
parody (n./v.)
a humorous imitation of a piece of literature or music; to mimic a style, plot, or idea for comic relief
recant (v.)
to take back a formal statement or belief previously made known
rhapsody (n.)
speech or writing expressing great pleasure or enthusiasm