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The road home


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stanza 1
oo oo oo oo oo oo-- oo oo oo oo oo----
stanza 2
Tell me whe---re is the roa---d I can ca---ll my- o---wn
stanza 3
That I le---ft that I lo---st so-o lo---ng a-a go---
stanza 4
all these yea---rs I have wa-nde-rd oh- whe---n will I kno---w
stanza 5
There's a wa---y there's a roa---d that will lea---d me-ee ho---me
verse 2 Stanza 1
verse 2 Stanza 2
After wi---nd, after rai---n when the da---rk i-is do---ne,
verse 2 Stanza 3
As I wa---ke from a drea---m in the go---ld o-f da---y,
verse 2 Stanza 4
Through the ai---r there's a ca-lli-ng Fro -om fa---r a-a wa---y
verse 2 Stanza 5
There's a voi---ce I can hea---r that will lea---d me-e ho---me.
verse 3 Stanza 1
oo- oo- oo- oo- oo- oo---oo- oo- oo- oo oo---
verse 3 Stanza 2
ri-ise u---p fol low me--- come a wa-y i-s the- ca---ll
verse 3 Stanza 3
with the lo-ve i-n you-our hea---rt as the o---n ly- so---ng
verse 3 Stanza 4
There is no--- su-uch beau-ty- a-as whe---re you be lo---ng
verse 3 Stanza 5
ri-ise u---p fol-low me--- I will lea---d you-ou ho---me
verse 3 Stanza 6
oo- oo- oo- oo- oo- oo---oo- oo- oo- oo oo---