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7th grade Life Science Chapter 9


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What are the creationist views
Intelligent Design - ID
Gap theory - lots of issues
long day or day age
progressive creationism
theistic evolution
progressive creationism
believe in creation, He created new batches of creatures at different times. creation occurred over a long period and not a short period of time.
think that Lucifer came out of Heaven then earth started for billions of years.
long day or day age
really 24 hours but evolutionists think that the earth slows down but it really doesn't - it uses 2 Peter 3:8 which states one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day
Clues of creation
Step 1: what day did God create the ______?
Step 2: ask about different ?'s
ratio metric dating
it is all at a constant rate (not all said about)
materials found in the ground
70g brain & they are 6800 pounds
Jean Lamarck
theory of 2 mice with long tails but cut off makes a 3rd mouse with no tail.
biblical creationism
belief that the physical universe, including the earth and all living things, was created by God.
belief that the physical universe, including life, was not created but happened by chance.
what 2 creation types are not supported by science since no human observed them
biblical creationism
literal view
sometimes called ordinary day view
many Christians believe that the Creation week was made up of 7 24 hour days.
gap theory
people believe that God created a complete "first creation" in Genesis 1:1. This creation may have lasted many - even billions of years. Then during the fall of Satan the 1st creation was destroyed and the earth became without form and void
problems with the gap theory
1 Was, not became is the better translation based on Hebrew grammar.
2 It raises the question, why would God destroy a previous creation that was good?
3 Would the destruction of a previous creation include death? How could this be since death did not enter the world until Adam?
problems with the progressive creationism theory
1 As with the long day theory, it ignores a literal reading of Genesis 1.
2 It violates Romans 5:12, which states that death came as the result of Adam's sin. This theory suggests that millions of years of suffering and death occurred prior to the creation of Adam.
theistic evolution
claims to accept the accuracy of Scripture, it states that God used evolution as a method of creating the diversity of life seen today. It supports the long-day theory.
problems with theistic evolution theory
1 ignores a literal reading of Genesis 1
2 treats man as merely another product of biological evolution, not the result of a direct act of God (Gen 2:7)
3 violates Romans 5:12 which states that death came as the result of Adam's sin. This theory suggests that millions of years of suffering and death occurred prior to the creation of Adam.
4 Limits the omniscient, omnipotent God to using the undirected forces of evolution to create the different species.
old-earth theory
belief the earth is millions or even billions of years old
listing of a family history such as the "begat" or "son of" passages in Genesis 5, 10-11; Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38
young-earth creationists
people that hold the view that when the recorded ages of the people listed in genealogies are added together, they show a total of 4000 years between the Garden of Eden and Christ's birth. By adding the 2000 years after to the 4000 - people estimate the earth's age to be 6000 years.
trace or remnant of an organism that has been preserved by natural means.
fossils that are complete organisms
preserved in ice, tar, amber or another material
other fossils that are not complete
are shells or bones that have not yet decomposed
sedimentary fossils
consist of preserved forms or parts of organisms
material that settle as the moving substance slows down
which creation theory uses 2 Peter 3:8?
long day theory
Which Creation theory has two separate instances of creative activity by God?
gap theory
Which creation theory claims that God created things in stages over an extended period?
progressive creationism
How old is the earth, according to most young-earth Creationists?
To become a fossil, must a dead organism be buried slowly or rapidly? why?
rapidly - it will decompose or be scavenged rather than form a fossil
who sustains the universe and all it contains
What did God give man that He did not give to other living things?
he did not speak them into existence
he gave man souls
If God called creation "very good" why do we have bad things such as disease, suffering and death?
because of Adam and Eve's sin, God changed the world by cursing the ground
In whose image is man fashioned?
Gods image
Is creation a matter of fact or faith? Explain
faith - no human has observed, measured or recorded observations of creation
List the teachings about Creation that are clearly taught in the Bible.
God created by direct acts.
God sustains His creation.
God reveals His power through His creation.
God revealed the sequence of Creation in the Bible.
God specially created man. - formed, breathed into him and gave him a living soul.
God created man, and man is responsible to God. - in spite of man's sin, he is still God's creation. when God is ready he can stop allowing more of us.
God's creation is degenerating. - because of Adam and Eve's sin.
Why is the earth no longer perfect?
Briefly summarize the events that occurred on each of the six days of Creation.
1 - light and dark
2 - space to divide the waters
3 - land and plants
4 - sun, moon, and stars
5 - aquatic and flying creatures
6 - land animals and man
Where specifically is the sequence of Creation recorded?
Bible - Genesis 1
What theory states that living things are too complex to have evolved from nonliving chemicals by random processes?
List the two Creation theories that deal with the length of day.
long - day theory and I think progressive creationism
List and summarize three compromise views of Creation.
Why was steering device unnecessary on Noah's Ark?
it was designed to stay afloat not move