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Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition Review of Chapters 14-16


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What is sarcopenia?
loss of muscle mass and strength
food insecurity
limited or doubtful availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods
A person with a pressure ulcer has damage to what?
What type of diet has been shown to prevent or reduce arthritis inflammation?
low in saturated fat, high in omega-3 fatty acids
What is the highest age group recognized in the Dietary Reference Intakes?
71 years and older
What is a condition that increases the likelihood of iron deficiency in older people?
poor iron absorption due to reduced stomach acid secretion and/or use of antacids
without teeth
During development of the fetus, what organ(s) is/are the first to develop?
central nervous system and brain
A food and nutrition services program for pregnant women, children, and infants
During pregnancy, which of the following nutrients show a dramatic increase in absorption?
calcium and iron
Which nutrient is considered the most difficult to meet during pregnancy, often because of low body stores?
What is the most reliable indicator of an infant's future health status?
Infant's birthweight
What helps alleviate pregnancy-related nausea?
avoid orange juice when feeling nauseated; eat dry toast or dry crackers; avoid milk when feeling nauseated
For the normal-weight woman who becomes pregnant, what is the ideal weekly weight gain from the start of the second trimester and onward?
1 lb
An infant born with incomplete closure of the spinal cord has what?
spina bifida
As a means to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in newborn infants, grain products are fortified with what nutrient?
Low- or reduced-fat milk should NOT be given routinely to a child until after the age of what?
one year
What is the most likely explanation for the increased prevalence of obesity in children over the past 30 years?
They eat more and are less active physically.
What organ in the infant uses more than half of the day's total energy intake?
What should be the first cereal introduced to the infant?
What is an effective strategy for dealing with obesity in a child?
Engage the individual in at least 1 hour per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
What is the leading cause of high blood pressure in children?
Compared with cow's milk, breast milk contains how much protein and calcium?
less protein and calcium
nursing bottle tooth decay
marked tooth decay of an infant due to prolonged exposure to carbohydrate-rich fluids from a bottle
To lower the risk of obesity in children, what practice should parents institute for their children?
teach them to take appropriate food portions