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How to open airways

Head tilt chin lift

Signs of breathing

Look listen feel

If unresponsive but breathing, place in

recovery position

Stop CPR when (3)

EMS arrives, victim is responsive, you are too tired to continue

When do you check for an obstructed airway?

before each breath

Initial check:

Responsiveness, airways, breathing, severe bleeding

Leading causes of choking

food, small toys, coins

Why do you survey the scene?

to decide whether or not to help and how

examples of PPE

barrier device, gloves, masks, goggles

where are chest compressions on an adult?

Center of chest

Where are chest compressions on a child?

center of chest

Where are chest compressions on an infant?

Just below center of chest

What do you use for compressions on an adult?

2 hands

What do you use for compressions on a child?

1 or 2 hands

What do you use for compressions on an infant

2 fingers

How far do the chest compressions go on an adult?

1.5-2 inches

How far do the chest compressions go on a child

1/3-1/2 depth of the chest

How far do the chest compressions go on an infant

1/3-1/2 depth of the chest

What is the alternate to the heimlich for an infant?

Back blows and chest thrusts

What is the purpose of the initial check?

to see if the victim's condition is life-threatening

Steps to control bleeding

Pressure, elevation, pressure points


severe allergic reaction usually caused by medications, foods, insect stings, or plants

Amputated parts should be kept (3)

Cool, clean, and dry

The purpose of a dressing is to

absorb blood and cover a wound

The purpose of a bandage is to

apply pressure and hold the dressing in place

the firsts step to treating a heat burn is to

get away form the heat source

caer for a nosebleed

tilt head forward and pinch soft part of the nose

When should you remove impaled objects?


splinting technique main points

stabilize, immonilize, go ot joint above and below, leave in position found

do not apply ice to

snake bites

if you suspect a spine injury, you should

immobilize the victim

when should you use rescue moves?

to get the victim out of a dangerous area

are you analyzing the heart rhythm when using the AED?


ratio of shocks to CPR


can you use an AED on a lightning strike victim?


who can you not use an AED on?

victims under one

Why should you keep AED records?

it protects you from being sued

Skin must be (in order to use an AED)

clean and dry

is the AED operator responsible fo rinterpreting the heart rhythm?


After no more shocks are needed, what should you do?

Continue CPR


chaotic heartbeat


heart beats too fast

Survival rate decreases ____________ for every minute of not using an AED


will an AED shock every electrical disturbanc ein the heart?


AED card stores what information

EKGG, how many shocks, amount of energy

Signs of heart attack

Radiating pressure, squeezing, or pain

Signs of stroke

weakness, numbness, bad vision, speaking issues

care for seziures

move away form dangerous objects, roll into recovery position

signs of low blood sugar:

hunger, trembling, pale skin, confusion, bad temper

signs of high blood sugar

drowsiness, thirst, breath odor

care for ingested poisons

find out information, call 800-222-1222, give activated charcoal

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