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Literary Verbs for Quiz on 7/20


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generalize (v)
you say something that seems to be true in most situations or for most people, but that may not be completely true in all cases.
hold (v)
indicating an opinion or belief, to show that someone has a particular opinion or believes that something is true.
infer (v)
(v.) to find out by reasoning; to arrive at a conclusion on the basis of thought; to hint, suggest, imply
inundate (v)
to overwhelm
lampoon (v)
to ridicule with satire
manipulate (v)
(v.) to handle or use skillfully; to manage or control for person gain or advantage
patronizes (v)
condescends, talks down to, appears to be nice but lacks respect
ponders (v)
thinks deeply
presume (v)
to take for granted, assume, or suppose
recall (v)
remember something and tell others about it.

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